Friday, November 12, 2010

Recipe Friday

For Veterans Day I decided to change the menu and make one of my Navy Veteran Grandfathers recipes. He was a cook in the navy and gave our family some fun recipes. We renamed this one as little children and call it squishy meat and gravy. So I hope you enjoy a child hood favorite!

Squishy Meat and Gravy

1lb of lean ground beef
2 tbsp of all purpose flour
1 cup of milk (I do not measure I just mix it in till it is the right consistancy)
Pepper to taste

Scramble hamburger meat then drain.
Add flour and stir into hamburger meat. Then add milk and stir till mixed well and there are no clumps.
Let simmer up till the milk and flour thickens.
Serve on toasted bread.
And it is fantastic with French Fries and Ketchup!

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