Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Days and Catch up

Okay so it has been quite a while since I updated this blog and I am sorry! It all started when my computer crashed so I could not get any of the pics to update the blogs and well the computer is still not fixed so its time to blog. I am will do a little filling in and some catch up but too much to go back and add all so here it goes.

Last Blog was at Halloween! Wow that was a long time ago! The Weekend of Halloween we met Jon's parents in Myrtle Beach and spent the weekend shopping, fishing, and spending some quality time together! We had so much fun and ate some great food!

So Veteran's Weekend we went down to South Flordia to visit Carrie, Anthony, and Ansleigh. We had such a great time! We went to the beach, shopped some, and just hung out!

The next week my Mom flew in and we waited in the freezing cold to see Paula Deen! What fun! We were both excited and very thankful for the opportunity!

The next weekend was Thanksgiving and man it was crazy! We had a great time with family and friends! We ate way to much as always but was very thankful for the time to get to go home and see all of our family! Also that weekend was the big football game! Everyone knows me and Jon are for opposite teams and for the first time we watched the game in the same house as each other! Even though for my team it was a horrible football game and a loss we still had fun together!

The First week of December was even crazier Jon left for the field for 10 days and I finally got in with a gynecology specialist. Woo Hoo and Praise the Lord! I finally was informed on what was wrong with me and given medicine to help me get better! Finally someone who cared that I was a person and not just a number! After my docters appointment I got in my car and drove 7 hours to Anniston where my mother-in-law was waiting so that me, her and Ruthanne could drive 12 hours to Chicago! Crazy right! I know! We made it to Louisville, KY and crashed for the night and then got up the next morning and finished our drive in. Chicago was amazing!! Beautiful city and what great shopping! We went to go see Candace play with the symphonic band and the concert was amazing! We have some very funny stories from that trip! It was very cold and I learned quickly about the lake effect! Brrr!!! Great Times though!

The next weekend after Jon came out of the field we left for South Flordia again to go to Ansleigh's first birthday party! She is growing up so fast! We had so much fun that weekend and she was so cute and adorable eating her pretty lady bug cake! It was fun watching her play with her little friends and take all of her toys from them! LOL It was very cute!

Back to Bragg for some Christmas parties and lots of gift wrapping fundraisers! We wrapped a lot of presents! And the end of the week we departed for Anniston to start the Christmas Break! Also at the end of the week my Mom's Mothers Brother passed away and this was very sad for my family. So Saturday we had the funeral and our christmas party! Sunday we went to Church and then Jons brother flew in from LA. Monday Jon spent the day with his brother and father and I spent the day with my Mom helping her out! That night we had a Christmas party at the St. John's. It was a lot of fun and we got to catch up with a lot of people from the Church. Tuesday we all went to lunch together at this great new Italian restraurant! It was fantastic! Wednesday was another Christmas Party then church that night. After Church we exchanged gifts with the St. Johns. Christmas morning we unwrapped presents and watched/helped Ansleigh open all her Christmas gifts! Then Lunch at Jons family and Dinner back with my family! Friday we did a little shopping. What a crazy week! The next week we took it easy and rested up! Jon spent a lot of time fishing!

When we got back to Bragg life was a little slower but not much! I started Clomid and we are praying that God will bless us with a little child soon! Two weeks later we went to Beech Mountain, NC for a Marriage Ski Retreat! It started out great and it was beautiful! First night we had some classes, dinner, and then some relaxing in the condo! Saturday off to breakfast then to the slopes! I was going to learn to snowboard! Man is that frustrating!! Jon was getting a little frustrated with me and learns very different than me so I sent him to go have some fun on the real slopes and I watched! At Lunch I got very sick and it only got worse as the day went on! I finally had to go find Jon so that I could go back to the room and the timing was perfect because he was exhausted after snowboarding all day! So I spent the whole night sick at my stomach and with a high fever! YUCK!!!! I was sick Sunday as well so we packed up and slowly got me down to the car! It was coming a snow storm and was very pretty but very scary going down the mountain!

Jon had off Monday so we spent some time together and I was still healing and recovering then Tuesday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland! It had snowed about 4 inches at that point and it snowed all day hard! We ended up with a little over 6 inches! It was so much fun and Jon got the day off! We took Mocha out in the snow and watched her run around with it up to her little head! It was so cute and she was so cold! We also got to build a snowman together! It was overall so much fun! We spent most of the week at the house with all the snow. Then Friday it was in the 60's and bye bye snow!