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Monday, November 23, 2009

Tylers first Christmas party

Jon is in the S2 shop at Brigade and the Major had everyone over for a Christmas party. Tyler got to wear one of his little adorable outfits and rode around in my wrap asleep most of the night. He was winning over everyones hearts though!

It was such a great party! We had a nice time and yummy food! His wife was quite the cook plus everyone brought different dishes. We even had a honey baked ham! My favorite!

Everyone brought a white elephant gift and we drew numbers and picked our gifts! All I can say is wow! I have not laughed that hard in a very long time! Some people brought some crazy stuff! My husband took a funny gift that people were trading for of course! Overall everyone had a wonderful time!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tyler's One Month Okd

So I got put the camera and got some pretty good shots of Tyler for his one month photos! He is growing like a weed! The time passes by so fast!

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The Big Move

So as stated in the birth story the week Tyler was born we had all our things packed up and the movers came and loaded it all up! We had MUCH better movers this go around! Ft. Huachuca is great at taking care of there soldiers! You go to individual meetings about your move instead of a massive meeting filled with people all trying to do different type moves! Lots of Information learned! Lots for the many more moves to come and lots I had wished we would have known way before! Like you can tell them to leave your house past 9:00! They can not stay till 11:30 at night like mine at Bragg did it is against policy! Good to know for next go around!

Our movers were fast and careful and totally laughed at me! He teased me that I was going to have this baby and miss my delivery! How cruel of him and how right He was! He was laughing when we called to tell him what had happened and very concerned about all of our health! The moving company was great to work with! And did I mention we had our drivers cell phone so that we could check on our stuff anytime we wanted! Best ever! They even mailed Tyler a gift to our new address!

So While we were still in Arizona staying with Tyler our stuff arrived in Tennessee! Thankfully Jons parents could go up and meet them to get our stuff. Also very glad they went up the day before! When they got to our house there was a mix up in days with the reality company and there was no power or water! I was not happy and needless to say Jon and I spent hours sitting in the floor of the hallway trying to get the two turned on! Such a hassle! But they came out same day and turned it all on and In-laws were much happier and cooler.

The next day was a new experience for Jon's parents! The movers were there to unload and unpack. First the moving truck could not come down my driveway so they had to go rent a smaller moving truck and park and unload from the big to the little to our house. Crazy! They also learned how fast those numbers get called out and how fast you have to mark them off. I think it overwhelmed them a little. Everything got unloaded and checked off and was accounted for.

Next came the unpacking part! No matter how you explain it in less you have done a military move you will not understand! They just take everything out of the boxes and place it somewhere. I think it was bothering them and they thought it was going to bother me so they had them stop. But by the time I got there they had almost killed thereselves working on stuff! When I got there it was baby time. My parents and my mother-in-law was there to help with what ever was needed and we got started.

So much to do but after about a week most of it was done and we were buying shelving and organizing. Almost everything is put up and organized except we have not finished the basement yet .

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tyler's Birth

I should updated this 11 weeks ago when he was born but life has been a little crazy and well I was just not sure how many people actually read it! I did not want to spend all this time updating if no one was reading but Me! I have plenty to do with my time! LOL!

I know a lot of you have been wanting to here the story of Tyler's birth so here it goes!

During the first week of September there was a lot going on! The packers were there Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday the movers came and loaded everything up. Now on to what you really want to hear!

Starting Monday I had a non-stress test at the hospital that went fine these were becoming normal for me. Tuesday night I woke up to the bed being wet and me being wet (I know truly believe this is when my water broke) and I freaked out! I got up and thought maybe I could have went to the bathroom on myself. Everyone and all my books said that it should smell sweet but mine smelled like urine and when I stood up it flowed harder than when laying down. Weird, but when I woke up the second time and it still just smelled like urine I decided that I was going to go take a bath. It stopped and I would only have some come out if I bent over during the day Wednesday. I had a doctors appointment that afternoon with a ultrasound to check my fluid already scheduled so I went and my doctor checked and said I plenty of fluid. I then told him what had happened (I was scaried to before the exam because I was scaried he would not let me go home) and he told me that his head was really low and was probably pushing on my bladder. So home I went! Thursday I was still having some leaking and I had another non-stress test that afternoon. During my stress test I had a bubble where Tylers heartbeat dropped below 20 then shot up above 200 it was very weird. The nurse said it could have been the machine but she had to call the doctor to let him know. He wanted me to stay a extra hour and to wear a contraction belt. No other bubbles and no contractions everything looked perfect. So I flew home and we finished loading the car and off to the airport we went. In the car I started getting some gas pains and I thought I was a little constipated. Normal in Pregnancy right! When we got to Phoenix we went to eat a Chick-fil-a and I told Jon I felt like I neaded to go to the restroom. When I got in there I still could not go and was hurting some. I was thinking in my head why now do I have to be constipated to get on a plane and fly home! Crazy! I went to eat my food and had two bites and got very sick at my stomach. (PS No one told me that labor would feel like constipation and that throwing up was a good sign!) So after eating we went to Bass Pro Shops so that Jon could around since we still had so long before our flight. I decided to lay in the back of the car hoping it would make me feel beter but after Jon left I got really hot and the pain was getting more intense and I really was feeling like I had to go so I went in to the restroom. Man was I feeling it in there. Jon called to check in on me and I let him know I was in the bathroom now and was still feeling bad. After laying in the floor in the bathroom in the most pain I had ever been in in my life I decided that I might be in labor. I left to go find Jon and did not make it far when I stopped at a table with some shirts on it double over. Jon called looking for me but found me when he called. I told him I thought I was in labor and I needed to go to the hospital. I was really upset that we were going to miss our flights. Jon reassured me that we were not and he was going to go find out were the nearest hospital was and we would just go and let them check me out. (HA HA) When he started walking away I tried standing up which did not work out so well and yelled to tell him he needed to call a abulence. When he got to the front they told it would be the fastest anyway. I walked up to the front and was really feeling it now. WOW was these contractions strong! The Medics got there fast and came in and started asking a million questions and hooking me up to a million things. They also started timing contractions which were a minute apart and a minute in duration. I was still in shock that this was happening and still believing I was going home! (LOL) They tried giving me a IV at the Bass Pro which did not work he could not get it in my vein (because they were way too constricted by this point). And need I mention this was with everyone that worked in the store watching and I hate needles and this was my first IV EVER!!! Well they loaded me up and off we went. Jon was following VERY CLOSELY behind! I could see his face through the window. On the ride they tried the other arm for a IV and once again no luck and decided to let the hospital try. When we got there they rolled me into triage, got me a gown, started getting information, and then let me go to the bathroom because I was dying. In the bathroom it was a horrible Jon was trying to help but I was climbing the wall. The nurse came in to check on me and decided they needed to check me out immediately. When she went to do my exam she pulled it out quickly because she could see hair. And I found out I was a +2 and the reason for all the pain was because I was feeling the transitional contractions that most do not feel because they start pushing at 10! Wowza! It clicked as we were rolling into the delivery room that this was really happening. My panic kicked in as I said it is probably to late to get any pain meds. My nurse laughed and told me I was fixing to blink and have a child and I was way past that point! Delivery went really fast and I have never seen that many people in a room before. I had a 7 person NICU team, my doctor, two nurses taking care of me, one going in and out to get things, one on a computer taking all my information and possibly more that I was not paying attention to. 12 minutes later I had my sweet son. He was so beautiful! I even got to hold him while they were giving me some of my stitches. It all went so fast! 34 minutes after the Medics arrived at Bass Pro I was going in to delivery and then 12 minutes later it was all over! WOW, so glad it all went so fast so that I did not have to think about it or the pain.

Recovery went well. After delivery I had the shakes and I was freezing cold but after an hour they were gone and they were moving me to my room. The hospital was so nice and they put us in the unit where pregnant women stay overnight for tests and other things so that I didn't have to listen to babies cry when not having mine. After getting to the room the rolled us up to the NICU so that I could really go and see my son! Jon went with him the whole time I was in recovery for the most part. Also during Recovery we had to call Delta to try to cancel our flights so that we didn't go on the terriost list and so we could get credit for them. It was Crazy, Crazy night! I never had any complicatons and no pain after dellivery either. God is so good and really took care of us!

Tyler was such a trooper and a real blessing to us! I am so glad that we are all home now and doing so well!

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I am testing to see how easy to blog from my phone! I am on my phone a lot more than my computer and will update much better! Here's hoping anyway!

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Monday, August 31, 2009

33 Weeks

33 Weeks

Okay so I am almost a week late but it has been a crazy week! Last week started my twice a week Non-stress test, once a week ultrasounds and once a week doctors appointments! It was also my first full week of Insulin! Wow, what a week!

Monday I had my NST and it went very good! I am learning why they say put socks in your suitcase for the hospital because your feet will freeze off! I also have come to learn why they say they to bring your own pillow! Man oh Man are they thin and tiny!

Tuesday brought lots of drama! I was beginning to think that I was allergic to my insulin so I called the Dr's office to talk to them about it! Turns out I was (so they thought) allergic to the brand of insulin that they gave me so they were going to prescribe me another brand. I had to come in and pick up my new prescription. When Jon got lunch I took him back to work and then to the Dr's office I went. When I got there they pulled me to the back to make sure they were giving me the opposite brand and told me they had called on post to check if they carried that brand and was told they did. So back on post I go to the pharmacy! This pharmacy has the dumbest numbering system. They use A, B, C plus a number to call you to the pharmacy counter. A's are always soldiers and they get priority over everyone else. I got a C this time and they only had one counter open that was C's, great! B's had two counters open and were going super fast! I sat for a hour and a half waiting to go to the counter to be told that they didn't carry that brand. The little guy didn't believe me that my Dr's office had told me that they did. He even called. I was frustrated and tried to talk to him and he shut his window on me! Let's just say it was a good thing he did not open it back up and that the comment card box was empty or this pregnant lady would have been rude!!! I leave post to go to Walgreens, right beside my Dr's office. I get there and it is crazy, great! I was told there would be a hour wait and they would call my name when it was ready! First just let me mention that this Walgreen's is not that old but it was GROSS!! The floors were absolutely yuck and I would not even use the bathrooms they were so gross! Yes the pregnant, had to go, lady would not use them! UGHHH!!! Next a hour came and went and no call! I sat and sat by some lovely people (Note the sarcasm)! After 2 hours I got back in the long line to wait to see if my prescription was ready to find out that they were working on it and would call me in a few minutes! WOW!!! Jon calls and needed a ride home and I could not leave! I felt horrible! Man it tour my emotions up to leave my poor hubby stranded and his friends had already left. Thank goodness a guy from the next group that lives behind us took him home! Also at this point I should have had my insulin well over a hour ago and should have had dinner! My sugar was totally crashing and I still had not been called! So I get back in line and when I get up there it was ready and the lady told me it was a $150.00 I almost died! I started asking questions. One because with tricare it is only suppose to be nine dollars and two WOW! My Dr had put 5 months supply but the money was still off! I told them I only needed one for now which I was told I would have to wait for them to fix it. Thirty minutes later I get up there and it was nine dollars and I was exhausted, starving and ready to go! So Arbys is the first place I see so I grabbed food and drove home! In the door I was rushing so that I could get my insulin shot and wait my 30 minutes and eat! I open the bag to find that they only gave me one of my prescriptions and well I take two types of insulin mixed! I lost it in my husbands arms! I cried like I have not cried in a very long time which left him angry and ready to get someone! So I was going to go get the other and my husband convinced me at this point I needed to take the other brand and get my sugar up. Thank goodness one of us was rational! I took my insulin and grabbed my food and on my way to Walgreen's I go! I get there and the girl was wondering why I was back! I let her know they only did one! She felt bad and said it would only take a few moments she promised! She was right it didn't take super long about 15 minutes! Thank goodness! I got it and on my way home I ate my dinner!

Wednesday, I started the new insulin and was still itching! I was hoping the other was still in my system and I was going to have to wait a few days for it to leave for good! Otherwise it was a pretty good day! Got some things worked on for the move!

Thursday, still itching! Fun, Fun! Once again I have my NST, which went well! Next was my doctors appt. I had to take my meter and my records in for them to look at and I was actually running low so we made some adjustments to the amount of insulin I was taking. Next was my favorite part, my ultrasound! When he flipped the monitor on it was on Tyler's face! So cute he looks just like his daddy! It made me so excited to get to meet him! I can't believe how big he is getting and how much like a real baby he looks like! The rest was just checking to make sure I have enough fluid in there for him, which I had plenty of! The rest of the appointment was spent talking about the move! Yeah I was cleared to fly home! WOO HOO! I was going to anyway! Now there is no problems! HAHA

Friday, well I don't remember what happened but the weekend was crazy! We spent the whole weekend getting ready for the packers to arrive on Monday Morning! Lots of finishing going through stuff! More on packers in the next blog!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

32 Weeks

So today I am 32 weeks today! Wow I have no idea where the time went by! We are getting so excited for a sweet little boy to get here! We have almost everything we need and we feel so blessed to have sweet family and friends that helped us get that way! It is still so exciting to go look at baby stuff! I just love it!

I am going to back up a little to catch everyone up!

31 Weeks

I skipped 31 weeks and I am sorry! The last week has been the hardest week of my pregnancy so far. The day I turned 31 weeks I got to go to the hospital to take my 3 hour glucose test. My dear sweet neighbor went to sit with me and make sure I was okay! Thank goodness! It helped with time so much! The drink did not bother me that much but getting stuck in the same arm 4 times was not that fun! Man I was starving when it was time to leave and so we went to eat lunch and man I was glad she drove! I was feeling weak! Thursday while I was out running errands I got a phone call from my doctors office to let me know that my levels were elevated and they were sending me to a nutritionist.

Friday morning got even better when my doctor called to tell me how off my tests really were. He told me that all 4 of my tests were abnormal and that he was going to start me on insulin and that I would have to start monitoring. They were trying to send me to the diabetic education center and would let me know when it was approved. Also my thyroid was starting to get low and I had to change my prescription to that as well! He wanted me to come pick up my all my prescriptions that afternoon. I cried almost all afternoon! My pregnancy hormones made all of it worse! I picked up all my prescriptions and had to take them to the hospital on post to get them filled and I was at the counter for forever! I had to get so much stuff! I needed a meter, strips, lancets, needes, insulin, a needle container, and my thyroid medicine. I had two big grocery bags leaving the hosptial! It looked like I was dying!

All weekend I read as much as I could and tried my best to follow what I know about the diabetic diet. I got a great book on gestational diabetes that I read all day Sunday! I really want to get this under control and do what is best for my baby and my health!

Monday I waited for my doctors office to call with my referral and the diabetes center called to tell me that the request was going to be denied because they were only a nutritionist and there was one on post and ask did I want to pay to come see them or what. I told them I would call my doctors office. They already knew Tricare had denied it but they had not called to inform me! So I was asking about the one on post and well to say it simple! Thank goodness my neighbor was with me because she took me and showed me where it was so I could walk in and make myself a appointment! I am glad I went in because they have a two week waiting list and because I was almost 32 weeks and moving in 2 weeks they worked me into a cancellation yesterday! Thank goodness. Something going was going right!

Tuesday was a busy day! Some of this does not have to do with my pregnancy but some does! I slept late and was woke up by a great phone call that everything had been approved for us to get the house at Fort Campbell! Yeah! Now to get ready really fast because we had to be at the Transportation office at 8! We got our packing and loading days scheduled and found out that they had messed up Jon's orders! Fabulous!!! So off to take Jon to work so he go back to class and get his orders fixed! Then I had to go to to my Nutrition appointment! Wow, what can I say about her! Yikes! I was truly disappointed! I wish I had someone like my Mom's nutritionist. I did learn some things and she did give me some paperwork!

32 Weeks

Wednesday I turned 32 weeks! What a blessing! Time has flown by! 8 weeks left!

Thursday started out going to be a long day and ended up being a very long eventful, stressful day! At 1:20 I had a appointment with my PCM to teach me how to do my insulin shots. Of course they took my vitals and my BP was 132/80, which is a little high. Then it was time to get to business! She was wonderful! We layed out all my stuff and and spread out! She tought me how to fill up my needles with the types of Insulin I am on and how to inject them! She let me ask all my questions and I actually felt better. Next was my regular Dr.'s appt at 3:40. First off as usual we weighed. I have now gain 19 pounds! YIKES!!! Then we went to go take my BP I was thinking it would be similar to the last appointment, boy was I wrong, it was 179/89. Then we listened to Tylers heartbeat which was 180, pounding away like it normally does. So today I had appointment with my NP so when she came in I was expecting an examination and a chance for me to ask all my millions of questions but instead I was told I had to go to labor and delivery for a Non Stress Test and several other tests. I was freaking out! She left to call the hospital and I cried my eyes out! When she came back I tried asking some questions I had but was being rushed out to go straight to the hosiptal! I tried texting husband and he didn't respond so I tried calling him and still was not a success! So off to the hospital by myself I went! I called my Mom and Mother-in-law on the way! I didn't even know I was going to have to check in! So I walked to Labor and Delivery and then had to walk back to the front to check in. They were having a heartache because I was not preregistered for Labor! I am not having my baby at this hosipital so of course I am not pre-registered. Well needless to say I am now! I had to feel out a ton of paperwork then they wheeled me back to L&D triage room. On my way I had finally talked to my hubby and my Dad called to check on me well until I lost cell phone service! I had no idea what was going on and I was scaried to death. Thank goodness I had wonderful Triage nurses! A nurse came in to draw some blood and told me they were testing me for pre-eclampsia and while she was drawing my blood the other nurse was trying to calm me down and get some more information from me. Next they took my bloodpressure which was 147/80 now (Which is weird to me because I was so stressed and upset I would have thought it would have been way up there!) and then they hooked me up to the machine listening to baby's heartbeat and to my heartbeat. Not long the nurse came back and told me she had found someone that I wanted to see! Thank goodness Jon had got there! When she came back to check my results Tyler had been sleeping so they could not see what they wanted to see so we had to wake him up to get the results that they needed. Finally after a 1 1/2 we had what they needed and my bloodwork had come back all good so they were going to release me! Also my bloodpressure was 132/67. Being released also requires filling out paperwork and I had to schedule two NST a week. Finally I could leave! We were starving so we stopped on the way home to eat after calling the parents to let them know that Tyler and Me were okay!

Friday morning I was suppose to start my insulin but since I was rushed out I forgot to ask two questions my other doctor had told me to ask! So now I had to call about those and also to book my ultrasound for the next week! After that I went to the pharmacy to finally get trained on my meter! The rest of the day I spent trying to clean our house for my dear sweet husbands birthday! I got lots done but didn't succeed completely! I was exhausted by the time I had to go pick up the hubby! We came back home and did some more laundry and cooked supper! Jon worked on some schoolwork and watched some GI Joes cartoons that he got for his birthday from his brother!

Saturday was Jon's Birthday and well he wanted a lazy day so that is what he had! I cleaned some more and ran to the grocery store. For supper Jon wanted Grilled chicken sandwiches and green beans. I also baked him a red velvet cake because it is his favorite! He loved his dinner as did me and Kevin. I ate no carbs with my dinner so I could have a piece of cake! It was one yummy cake! After dinner we met his whole squad to go to the movies. Another movie that Jon loved and I not so much! Some parts were funny though!

Our New House!

Our New House!!!! We are so excited we found out we have a house in Clarksville, TN!!!! We decided not to live on post anymore! We wanted some space for us and for little Tyler! Also we are very excited because we will have plenty of room for guests now! We can not wait to get there and get all of our stuff in there and be able to spread out!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Review

So last Thursday I had my doctors appt. I was so excited because I was going to get to see my little guy. When I first got there I had to wait a little since he was really busy. This would be because there are/were two great doctors in Sierra Vista and one decided to go back in the Army and shut his doors so most of his patients are all at my doctor now! Fun right! I was told the Army will not even send you to either one of them in less you request them because so many do request them! Anyway, after they took me back was time for my least favorite thing. I hate getting weighed because I was so scared at what it is going to say. But so far the whole pregnancy it has been pretty nice to me. I had only gained 2.5 pounds since my last visit 4 weeks ago putting me at only gaining 16.5 pounds so far. So I am doing very good for my 2 goals. I have two because one is more of a reality and one is in my head! I would love to stay at 25 but my goal is not to go over 35, since anything over 35 is all yours! Next is normally bathroom time but they would not let me since I was having my ultrasound. :( I thought I was going to die with all the kicking he was doing. So anyway he pulled him up and he was so cute! He is getting so big! So they say he weighs in at 3 pounds and 11 ounces. I remember when he was the size of a bean and now he takes up most of my stomach other than all the fluid. His little feet were so cute and kicking the whole time! He is for sure going to have my lips and Jons face shape! I can not wait to meet him! After my lovely ultrasound I was getting yelled out because my doctor thought that I had forgotten to get my blood work done, which was a lie, so then I got a little slip of paper to have it repeated and he nicely tacked on some more! Fun right! Not so much! I hate needles!

So Friday morning I get up take hubby to work then come back home. I had not slept at all much the night before so I layed in the bed until the lab opened, well that was the plan anyway, I woke up at 8:30 and finished getting ready and went to the hospital lab. One of my test was my 1 hour glucose test, so I got my fruit punch flavored drink and had 5 minutes to drink it all! It did not taste bad at all it tasted like kool-aid that you got at Vacation Bible School when you were a little kid! LOL. The bad part was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair for the next hour. Then they called me back, and from my sheet I thought I was getting 4 viles of blood, BIG FAT WRONG! They drew 8 viles of blood! Yucky and I had to get stuck twice because the first arm would not bleed right. But the girl did really good and I did not even feel the other needle go in! So now I took our 30 days notice to vacate to housing! WOO HOO!! I was starving by now so I decided to go home and get a bite to eat and visit with my neighbor. After lunch I had to go to my doctors office to get a lovely shot! Fabulous right! WRONG Again! So I checked in and they brought me back and weighed me again and to my suprise I weighed 2 pounds less than the day before so now they have me at 14.5 pounds! My doctor said that was good because a lot of my weight is fluid retition because I still had swelling that day! The little nurse came in ask which hip and took my blood pressure! Next was the part I was not going to like but it turned out not to be bad at all! I even gave the nurse a laugh because I felt the pressure of her hand and ask was she done turned my head to see that she was and was shocked! I thought the medicine going in was the needle going in! NICE! So now time to go home and relax! Well I had told hubby I was going to cook a romantic dinner but was not feeling it and was exhuasted so I thought a nap would help! Well before I fell asleep he came home and we decided to go to pizza hut and to see GI JOE! What a awesome movie but they were playing it in our tiny, worse than dollar movie theatre! YUCK! It was so hot in there I almost got sick! I had to leave and go run my hands under cold water and was putting cold paper towels on my feet because I could not get my flip flops off! I cooled down a little and went with cold paper towels back in the movie and ate all the ice left in my drink and Jons drink. I though I wasn't going to make it I felt so sick and looked and there was only 5 minutes left so I survived. I walked so fast to the car and we had the AC on high! Crazy but a great movie! Hopefully next weekend we can go to Tucson and see it again in a good theater.

Saturday morning we slept in and then Jon went to the Gym and worked out and ran. We watched golf and mostly laid around. I went to Target to return a few things and then to Hastings and looked around. When I got home I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu, Green Beans, Carrots, Rolls and a Apple Crisp with Vanilla ice cream for dessert! So yummy! We also watched the movie "Firewall" it was really good but intense at times! Then time for bed again!

Sunday we slept really late, later than we planned! Guess we both needed it! We missed church and I cooked a egg casserole and we watched once again Golf! GO TIGER!! It was a great game today! After golf Jon went for a jog while I got ready for the pool! We went to the pool on post and it was fantastic! It was freezing though! Once in it was not bad at all but took a few minutes to get in! We swam so laps. I started with a kick board and went then I wanted to swim so I put it down and really learned how much this kid is cramping my lungs! WOW!!! But what great exercise and my belly felt so light! It was nice! We decided to come home and finish drying off in our chairs in the back yard and read in our books! Great day!

Now it is time to get ready for bed and back to the normal week activities!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fort Campbell, KY Here We Come

So Orders are in hand and it is Official! We are moving to Ft. Campbell, KY! We will be part of 3rd Brigade and are very excited to be going back to the South. We will be living in the city of Clarksville,TN and are very close to Nashville! This will be a very excited move with Baby Tyler coming to meet us soon after we get there! So Fort Campbell here we come!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

30 Weeks

So yesterday I turned 30 weeks! Wow time has flown by! I can not believe that I have 10 weeks left. Pregnancy symptoms are really kicking in now but I still have had a great pregnancy!

My Life right Now:
1. Most days I feel HUGE!
2. I have a VERY active little boy who can kick very hard and punch very hard!
3. Tyler has learned to do both at the same time
4. He is running out of room and is very pushy to move around where he wants
5. Braxton Hicks have begun
6. Heartburn is here to stay
7. Sleeping at night is getting hard
8. Getting comfortable is hard
9. Breathing sometimes is hard due to him smushing my lungs! Thanks Baby!
11. Mocha has decided she likes to give my belly kisses! Cute and gross!
12. I fly home in 4 weeks from today for good!
13. Jon and Dad start the drive towards home in 5 weeks from today!
14. That equals my house will get packed up in 3 weeks! Crazy!
15. Acne has gotten really bad! I feel 13 again!
16. My hubby has tried to balance things on my belly! Funny yet oh so not funny!
17. I itch!
18. Shaving is a BIG joke!
19. I cry at the drop of a pin
20. Speaking of drop I DROP EVERYTHING!
21. I am also losing my balance
22. I feel like a bloated pig
23. My appetite has decreased]
24. Flip Flops are my best friend
25. I am getting scaried to death about delivery yet excited to meet Tyler
26. Jons view is too funny!
27. I am pretty sure he is going to be in shock! TOTAL Shock!
28. I am sure of one thing, my kid is going to be dressed awesome!
29. I am ready, well acutally beyond ready to set up my nursury and actually see everything in place and see what all clothing I have!
30. I need to start washing the clothes that I do have here!
31. I also need to finish sewing a few projects for him!
32. Did I mention how FAT I feel!
33. The good news is I have lost everywhere except my belly and chest!
34. Even my face until all this water retition kicked in!
35. I love looking at all of his stuff! It gets me so excited!
36. I have to go to the bathroom all the time! LIKE ALL THE TIME!
37. My kid loves music, he will dance in my belly! Very cute!
38. I also think he is coming out with a soccer ball!
39. Did I mention when I fly home my hubby is flying with me so that we can go to the beach for Labor Day weekend!
40. Yes the boys are going fishing and me and Mom are going to the outlets and laying on the beach!
41. You will not be able to miss me! I will be the beached whale sitting in my chair with the water on my feet!
42. I am pretty sure my maternity swimsuit is going to be super tight in one area! Oh well!
43. I can not wait to see and smell the blue water!
44. I have to start getting everything ready for the hospital!
45. I am stressing about what all I need!
46. I also can not decide what kind of pajamas I want pants or gown? Suggestions?
47. Also I have no idea what to take to wear home from the hospital?
48. I know lose fitting but I want cute! Where do you find that?
49. I hope everyone makes it for the birth! I really want my Mommy and My Hubby!
50. Wow this got long! Sorry!

Okay I will post pictures later from our ultrasound today! I can not wait to see him and see how big he is getting!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jon's week while I was away

While I was gone Jon had a fun packed week! Jon's Brother Tim came to visit! They played golf, went hiking and watched lots of movies! Also they grilled out a lot and my husband cooked! Also I think all the guys did laundry at my house! This was funny to me! But here are a few pictures from the hiking trip!

Baby Shower

So July 11th I flew home to go see all my family! WOO HOO!! I had missed the south oh so much! It was nice to see green the closer that I got to Atlanta! After landing we went to the mall in Douglasville to shop a little! (My favorite thing to do is to shop with Mom!) And then we had lunch at Johnny Rockets! Yum! Then on to Babies'R'Us! I love that store! I do not think I can describe how much I LOVE THIS STORE! We got lots of fun things! My Mom finished by several things to add to my gift from Lolli and Pop! And well I just am addicted and can not help myself! Yes I said it! But they had a new swaddler that was aqua with chocolate trim that Tyler had to have and well a few other items as well! Then time to go to Bama and we stopped in to see my Nana! She was so excited!
Sunday I woke up late, go figure I was still functioning on two hours behind! But I did make it to church and then lunch with the in-laws! It is so great seeing everyone at church and then spending quality time with the in-laws! It was nice to see family! Sunday when I got back to Mom and Dads house I got presents! :) My Mom gave me my Diaper Bag and all kinds of adorable outfits! I can not wait for my little guy to get here and put him in all of them! I was so sad that I could not show all of them to Jon but I took pictures and sent them to him! Wow I didn't realize how much I was going to miss him!
Monday morning my Mimi came and picked me up and let me go to Dillards and pick out some adorable things for my sweet little boy and then we had lunch at one of my favorite places in town, China Luck! It was so yummy and I stuffed myself! Bad thing was all the salt plus the humidity I was swollen like a blowfish that needed to be popped! I literally thought I was going to pop! After Mom got home we hit the town trying to finish getting things for the shower!

Tuesday I had lunch with one great friend and her adorable son! He was such a entertainment! It was so great to see her and spend some time together! Jamie and her Mom gave Tyler some adorable sleepers and a cute little pull toy! After lunch and Jamie left my Moms I placed my self in the swimming pool! Heaven on Earth! I enjoyed it so much! It took all the swelling out of my feet and hands! Loved it!

Wednesday I had lunch with Jon's parents and sisters! We had mexican and it was wonderful! Such a good time visiting with them. Then when I got home I went with my parents to Atlanta to pick up my sister and Ansleigh at the airport! Yeah! It was so good to see them!

Thursday morning was going to be a great day! Today was the day for the haircut! I was so excited to get to see Jan as well. So we cut 11 inches off! Yes I said 11 inches I feel like a new woman and a huge weight was gone! Long thick hair in the middle of the desert pregnant is no fun! I am so happy with it! That afternoon we took Ansleigh back for her first haircut! She was so cute but was no sure about this haircut thing! But she is so adorable now! We also went to go visit Mrs. Eva! She was so excited to see Ansleigh for the very first time!

Friday was a busy, yet fun day! We got up and went to the church to set up for my shower and get everything ready! It looked so great! Then at lunch time my Mom's office gave me a baby shower! It was so much fun! We had Mata's pizza (YUMMM) and yummy cake! I really appreciate them thinking of us at this special time! We took Ansleigh home for a nap and then that night we went to eat at Red Lobster Friday! It is our favorite!

Saturday we had my shower and it was fantastic! I really appreciate everyones efforts to make it such a special day! Baby Tyler got so much great stuff! We feel really blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! After the shower we cleaned up and headed home! I was told I had to put my feet up and rest and after a while I got up and went through all the gifts! Man I didn't even remember all that I had gotten! It was fun and I got to take pictures for Jon so that he could see everything. Later that night we went to Martins to exchange some sizes and then to Target to take back some doubles. Mom and Carrie took me through Target telling me all the stuff I needed that I had not got yet. I had no clue everything that was in my cart! LOL. It was a blur of "you will need these" and "okay" and when I checked out all I knew was that I had gotten stuff that I needed! It was fun though.
Sunday morning I got up and went to church and then had lunch with the St. John's. It was great and I got to visit some with Ricky as well. I miss getting to see him some when we lived so close to each other. After getting home we all played in the pool with Ansleigh! She loves the pool! She is so cute!

Monday we got up and got ready and after Ansleigh's nap we went to Birmingham. We went to Babies'R Us to go finish getting my big items. I got so much stuff it was great! I felt so much better knowing that we had everything almost that we needed!
Tuesday was a sad day! We got up early to take Carrie and Ansleigh to the airport! So sad to see them go! Buggy did not want to leave her Pop! She loves him and her Lolli! Then we tried to waste time before my flight! Man we got bored! We roamed Target TWICE! But the good thing about target was I found my baby monitor for less than half price because they are changing the color of my monitor! Crazy, but good for us! I also found some other things marked cheap! Yeah for baby! And at Ross we found Tyler a Braves onsie! He is going to be so cute in it! Mommy is going to have to take him to game and send pics to daddy! Later that day I finally got to go to the airport and get on my plane! I totally decided that flying by yourself pregnant is STINKY! I arrived in Phoenix to my sweet husband all dressed up in a suit! (SO HANDSOME) He had cleaned the car all up and we got home he had cleaned the house, done the dishes, and washed the clothes! WOW! It was great!

So to sum this up a great week but I missed my hubby lots! I do really want to Thank all our friends a family for the great showers!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

26 weeks

Our sweet baby boy is growing so fast! He is so cute and adorable and can do all kinds of tricks! He has sucked his thumb and blown bubbles for us! I loved seeing his sweet face and his little feet! I can not wait to see him again! I love getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks! Such a blessing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Las Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, What can I say? It is what everyone says it is! We had a blast! It is amazing place to go and visit and to say that you have visited there!

First I am going to start by saying please do not let anything I say offend anyone! It is my personal opinions!!!!!

Thursday night we flew in late at night! My first flight pregnant and it was a little scary! Thank goodness it was super easy and my blood pressure stayed perfect! And yes I flew with my blood pressure monitor just in case I needed it! I was so nervous! But praise the Lord everything went perfect and it was a easy flight! When we got to Vegas we got our luggage and got transportation to our hotel! We had reservations at Caesars Palace, which by the way was fantastic! We checked in and then went to check out our room. The room was a fantastic as we could have imagined! I loved the huge tub!! After wondering around a little we decided to go to bed!

Friday morning we slept in a little and then went to brunch at one of the buffets at Caesars. It was yummy and I was starving! Then we went shopping and exploring in Caesar's! We bought Tyler a adorable pair of pants at Gap, Jon a new suit from Banana Republic, and some golf stuff at the Nike store! After shopping we went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner and our show. We walked from Caesars to MGM! What was I thinking??? But when we got there we looked around MGM and then went and had dinner at Emeril Legasse's Cajun Seafood Restaurant. It was so yummy. After dinner we had show tickets for KA by Cirque du Soleil. The show was amazing I would advise it to anyone going to Vegas as a must see! After the show we took a cab back to Caesars.

Saturday morning we got up and got ready and decided to walk around Vegas after we had brunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. We went to see the Venetian, the Mirage, and a few others around there. Lots of walking but a great time! We were all tired and needed to get ready for dinner and show that night so back to our rooms we went! Jon took a nap and I took one in the huge jacuzzi tub! Then we had dinner at Joe's seafood, Prime Steakhouse, and Stone Crabs! Wow is all I can say! It was so yummy! After Dinner we went to see the Jeff Dunham Show. We all laughed so hard we cried! It was great! After that we realized we had missed all the fireworks but went to see the Fountains at the Bellagio at night time! And they were amazing as usual! Love the music with the lights and the water! It was great!

Sunday was going to be a sad day because Kevins wife had to leave but we started the day out at the Pool! One the pools were amazing and two first time in the pool pregant equals amazing! After Pool we had lunch at Seredipity! The frozen hot chocolate was so yummy! Then Kevin's wife had to go to the airport and we took a cab to the Bass Pro Shop! Yes I did say that! My dear husband loves that store. Well acutally not the one in Vegas because it was stinky but all the others! After that we went back and did some more exploring and then had dinner at Boa Steakhouse. I think everyone should eat there once! It was the best restaurant I have ever eaten at! YUM!
Monday we got up and finish packing up and then we checked out and left our luggage with conceirge so that we could spend the day roaming until our flight later that night! What a great trip! We enjoyed every moment! I think my feet thought I was being cruel to them but other wise it was a wonderful trip!