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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

So Memorial Weekend fell perfectly this year right after my Birthday!! So my Birthday present from my wonderful husband was a trip to Disneyland!!!

Thursday we went to Tucson and saw the new Terminator movie which was great! Then we did some shopping! Which I loved! Then after some dinner we went to the Train station and got on the train headed to LA! So I have to say we were both very excited to take our first train ride but after I was a little disappointed! Night trips are not that much fun! I could not get comfortable (could be the pregnancy) but I could not get my feet to reach the stand and if they did my back would cramp up! Finally early that morning we put the suitcase in the floor in front of me and it was fantastic so I took a nap! LOL

Once arriving at the train station Jon's brother was waiting on us! So happy to see him! The LA train station is beautiful! We decide to go exploring downtown a little and it was so neat! We went through Chinatown and the fashion district. We also saw the Disney Concert Hall which is amazing! Then we went to Beverly Hills and had lunch at this little Coffee/Cafe! YUMMY!!! And to top off lunch "Dr. Mark Sloan" from Grey's Anatomy was eating his lunch there as well! I was very happy to see him! It took a while to get my poor husband to realize who he was! HAHA!!! Next on our stop was Rodeo Drive (of which poor Jon had not heard of over half of the stores) It was so pretty! Then we rode through all the gorgeous houses! Several are owned by Celebrities but we just didn't know which ones! LOL! Still pretty!

Later that night we went to eat Dinner at this fantastic Seafood restaurant! The Blue Water Grill is set on the harbor in Venice Beach. It was so yummy but we had the weirdest waiter ever! Oh well! After we went exploring again and went further up the coast to go to Tim's favorite coffee shops new store opening. Well needless to say I have never seen that many people before and especially not for a coffee shop! We did the drive by and made our way back to the house so that we could be at Disney by 7:30 the next Morning!

So Saturday we woke up early!! (WAY EARLY FOR ME) We drove to Disney and almost ran to make our reservations at Goofy's Kitchen! Let me tell you I have always loved Character breakfast but the food here was amazing!!! Their specialty is peanut butter and jelly pizza, I know sounds gross but it was amazing I could have eaten the whole pizza by myself! They have lunch and breakfast foods of every kind! So Yummy! I was very glad to be walking all over the park! Next stop was Disneyland! We automatically felt like little kids again! It was great! It was both Jon and I's first time to Disneyland but Jon's first time to anything Disney! Man what a great time we had!

First stop was to get me a Disney hat! So cute they had a birthday one and I got my name on it! YAY! Then we went straight to space mountain so that the boys could put in there fast passes. Then we were off the ther bathrooms (For one of the OH SO MANY trips) and Its a small world! We went to Toon Town and got to go in Mickey's House! Then we went to Indiana Jones Ride, the boys rode the ride and I ate Apples and peanut butter! Go Figure! We also went to California Adventure Land! We went all over both parks and rode as much as we could! So much fun! We watched the Pixar Parade in California Adventure Land and then ran over to Disneyland to see the Celebration Parade! Both were great! Then we had dinner at the Blue Bayou in the New Orleans section of Disney! It was great! Next were the fireworks! Wow I have never seen so many people in one spot! Yikes! The fireworks were great! And Tinkerbell flying over the castle the whole time was amazing!!! Man was I tired and I think everything on me was swollen by this point! We roamed around to see some of the sights all lite up and to see the Castle! We had not been to Sleeping Beauty's Castle! So pretty!

Sunday we went to Church with Tim and the flew to the Train Station! We were running through that place like crazy people and I wanted to cry from being stressed by the time we got on the train! So on the way back to Tucson we were! We got there around midnigh and on our way to Sierra Vista we were! So glad to be back home in our bed! We were so tired and were very glad to have a day to relax!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fishing Adventures!

Of course my husband has found somewhere to fish! Actually very close to post! A group of his buddies and us all went out one Saturday and spent most of the day then had a late lunch together! We all had great fun but there were not many fish caught that day! LOL One guy caught two little bass and some old guy came right in front of us in a boat and caught a large bass! GO FIGURE!!!! But we had fun and that is what matters! Oh and I caught a crayfish that was the size of a small Lobster! It was the biggest crayfish I had ever seen, that any of us had seen!

Fort Huachuca has had quite a few wildfires lately. The mountains and on the ground so they have helicopters that come out and take water from the lake and drop it over the fires!

Golf Days

So we have a fantastic golf course on post that is not expensive at all! Actually would say it is cheap but very nice! So a couple of times now we have went out on the course in the afternoon and Jon plays and I mostly drive him around in the cart! If there are not a lot of people out there then sometimes I might hit one or two! Jon has also been a few times with buddies! He has seen several bucks and does on the course and the last time we went together we saw several LARGE snakes! Yikes! Jon has now decided there will be no more searching for balls if they go into the tall grass! LOL!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First trip to LA

So exciting! Our second weekend here we got in the car and drove to LA! Jon's brother Tim lives there and his parents were there visiting! What a long drive but such a fun trip! We love seeing new places! Saturday morning we got up early and had breakfast all together and then we went to Redondo Beach Pier for some relaxing and fishing! The boys caught a few fish and we caught some rays! We grabbed lunch then headed back to Tim's house and our hotel! After Showers and some naps we headed to Disneyland for Dinner! We walked around and shopped a little and had dinner at a great jazz restaurant! What fun! Sunday we went to church and to a fantastic coffee shop. After that we went home and had lunch and then it was time for us to drive back to Arizona!

Fort Huachuca

So Fort Huachuca is a so different from anywhere I have ever been! We are enjoying it though! We have seen so much wild life out here! We see deer everywhere! Including our neighborhood, our neighbors backyards, and on the street everywhere! We saw a actual roadrunner! It was blue and amazing! We have seen boar, wild cows, Longhorns, Eagles, Turkey Vultures, HUGE Crow, I have a woodpecker who lives on the power poll outside my house, and many other birds. Last night we had a wild pig (It has another name but can not think of it at the moment) get into our trash can. Thank goodness only one bag and my sweet husband cleaned it up!

Our View here is amazing with all the beautiful Mountains! I have never seen anything like it! Also everything here is so super dry! No Grass they put rocks down instead! Some backyards have grass but ours does not. It took Mocha some real getting use to! We have a fantastic courtyard on the front of our house and it is Mocha's favorite spot. She stays out there almost all day!

Our first weekend here of course hubby had to find somewhere to fish so we drove about 20 minutes on the back side of the post where there is a beautiful lake! We have revisited there a few times now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Move Out West

Wow, The Monday after Easter we left for our journey across the country! Really excited and super nervous! We had never been this far from our family before! Jon had helped plan our trip with stops at almost every Bass Pro Shop along our trip! That boy loves fishing!!! The first day we drove from Alabama to Shreveport, LA. On the way though of course we stopped in Jackson, MS at the Bass Pro Shop for some shopping and Lunch! Then on to Shreveport! What a fun town! We went to the Bass Pro Shop, Shopped around, and eat a fabulous dinner at this Wonderful Cajun Restaurant!

Jackson, MS

Shreveport, LA

Day 2 was good, we had gotten a good nights sleep and we were refreshed and ready to go! We drove to Garland, TX were we visited the Bass Pro Shop and got some wonderful Lunch at Ismaralda Fish and Company. Then we left there and drove to Midland, TX! Our Hotel was not exactly where we thought it was going to be but it was still okay and we went to eat at Cheddars. Our favorite restaurant from Fort Benning, GA. It was not as good but was still yummy!

Garland, TX

Day 3 started out good but man the road conditions slowed us down and our 9 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive! We were both exhausted by the time we arrived to Fort Huachuca! We checked into our hotel and went to go eat. With a 15
minute wait we decided we were to tired and went to Subway which we took to the hotel! I looked like a puffer fish I was so swollen! We laid down and it was over till the next morning!

Finally there, now time to get a house! We went to housing early and got a house! Woo Hoo! People here are so much nicer than any other post that we have been too! And Fort Bragg's Housing (Picerne) needs to come take lessons from these people!