Monday, April 28, 2008


Mocha always keeps it interesting! Sunday when Jon got out of the shower Mocha had made her a new home! She got in his pajama pants and went to sleep! All you could see was a lump of brown but we poked her head out the leg and her tail fell out! We moved her the way she was found to take photos! FUNNY!!!


Last Weekend we decided to clean up the back yard! We finished working on our furniture and we weedeated. We also throw away stuff we didn't need! It looks a lot better! And we feel a lot better! (Also thought you might like to see the ants that are taking over)


Me and Jon decided to go back to Gatlinburg to relive our honeymoon! We had my Uncle Roger and Aunt Miranda's cabin again and everything! We had a four day weekend and decided to go!

The First night we had to get a hotel! I searched the internet and found a hotel thought it was going to be fine! Wrong! It was horrible but we survived! LOL. The first day when we got there we went to the Bass Pro Shop and The Knife Works (Jons favorite stores). We also ate dinner at the Chop House! YUM!

Saturday we got up and checked out early and we went to Apple Barn for breakfast and shopping! Yum! We bought several things to bring back and cook as well! Yum! Then we went in this new outdoor store and they allowed puppies so Mocha got to go in and shop as well! They even gave her a treat that she tried to hide for later! Entertainment for all! We decided to go to the outlets for a little while and got some lunch at Conner's Steak and Seafood! Was pretty good! Then we went to check into the cabin and rest a little. Later we went downtown and decided to ride the tram up to Ober Gatlinburg, what incredible views! The mountains are so pretty! Later that night we at Lineberger's Seafood. Later we went back and relaxed in the hot tub! It was wonderful!

Sunday we woke up late! Oh Well, its vacation right? We went and had lunch at the Old Mill and walked around and shop! I think I could buy ever type of mix, flour, jellys, well just everything! I love it! We also went to the pottery place and the toy store! Later we went back downtown and then to the cabin!

Monday we woke up and were very sad to go but we will be back soon!

2-325 Military Ball

For Months now we have been working hard a preparing for the ball! I have sewed more blue than I ever thought I would want to see! I made all the table runners for all the tables! Wow talk about hours of work but the ball looked great and most people had a great time!

2-325 Awards Ceremony

These are pictures of the Awards ceremony hosted on post for all of the wounded soldiers and soldiers recieving medals of valor! It was moving!

Fort Fisher Aquarium

While in Wilmington we went to the aquarium! I thought you might enjoy some of the pics!

Time with Friends

few weeks after Jons arrival back home one of his good friends that also was deployed girlfriends came to visit! We had a great time! We went out to eat together, played board games, played rock band, and even went to Wilmington & Carolina Beach. Here are some of the pics!


Finally my storage closets are organized!!!! A year in a half later after moving I finally have my husband home and my storage closets cleaned out! We did this like week two after he got home but we are both so excited and I am a little behind so I thought I would add it in!