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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Football Season

Football Season is finally here! YEAH!!!! Even though Jon and I are for different teams we still love watching football on Saturdays! Nothing like College Football! We have had lots of fun watching the games one week we had some friends over that were Penn State Fans and last week we had our neighbors over for the Auburn/Tenn game because they were Tenn fans! Such fun! It is sad that Jon is going to have to miss some games again this season! I know how he loves it! Even little Mocha loves it! She changes jerseys according to the game! But she is daddy's little pup and here are the pics to prove! War Eagle and Roll Tide!

Tropical Storms

Fun times living near a coast! No damage to our house but quite a bit in our area and on post!


Jon has become well we will say just a little obsessed with fishing! But hey at least he is having fun! Here is a few pics of our catch from two weeks ago!


Jon and his unit had a late night jump back in August and we did a fundraiser at Green Ramp and I thought you might enjoy the pics!

A Day on the Green

Jon and one of his good friends Jonathan play 9 holes whenever they get a chance and I normally drive the cart around! So here are a few pics!


The week after we went home some dear sweet friends came in to town to visit! We had such a great week! So I thought I would post a few pics to let everyone see the crazy bunch!

August 2008

Well Jon and I had ended up being able to spend a whole week in Myrtle Beach for my Birthday and we had such a blast we decided to take a long weekend and go in early August for Jon's early birthday! I booked us a room at one of the resorts located directly on one of the pier's so that Jon could fish till his heart was content! We shopped, fished, suntanned and relaxed! What a trip! We saw so many interesting things off of the peir Jon caught a 4 ft shark but lost it before getting it on the pier! We saw a sea turtle that was really cool and a good size. Later in the day everyone was basically trying to lure the sharks to catch them and they were everywhere! Kind of scary and it certainly kept me out of that water! That pier was not that far out! Yikes! But all in all we had a wonderful weekend and was once again sad to see it go! :(

The next weekend my parents came up to visit us! I was super excited! My poor parents had never been up when I didn't have something for them to do! We had a great weekend! Me and Mom went shopping and Dad and Jon went Fishing! We also were able to go out to eat with Jon for his Birthday! To Sum it up it was such a fun weekend!

The next weekend The Diggs got to come visit us finally. Leah had been able to come visit just me but never as couples! But we had a great weekend with them also! They came up on a Thursday afternoon because Jon had off Friday, which worked out perfect because it was his birthday! On Friday Jon decided he wanted to show them the Airborne Museum and we had a great time! Mike and Leah were also able to see some family and we were able to have some great fellowship together! Thanks for coming to visit! We had a blast!

Okay to keep on with the craziness the next weekend we decided to drive to Anniston to go see all the family! Wow! We drove home on Thursday when Jon got off! What a long drive we didn't get there until after 2am there time! (Which is after 3 our time) The next morning we slept in a little then we got up and got ready to renew our license and then off to Prattville and Birmingham! Jon's parents were taking him to the Bass pro shop and then out to eat! We had so much fun at the Bass Pro Shop! I was able to buy some Christmas gifts and Dad's birthday gift and Jon got his birthday gift from his parents. We also played with the shooting games and Jon and his Dad had a lot of fun shooting at all the targets! Afterwards we went back to The Summit and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! It was fantastic! Saturday was an exciting day for us! Jon and Dad were taking the boat out fishing and Jon got to use his new rod and his others that he brought on the trip. While they were fishing Mom, Nana, and Me went to the salon while I got my hair cut and then out to lunch with the girls! We had so much fun! Later while the boys were watching football Mom and I went back out shopping! I miss that so much still! Sunday after Church Jon's parents had The Diggs and some of there friends from college over for lunch and we had an amazing afternoon! The food was wonderful and everyone had a great time fellowshipping together! Church was also amazing we miss everyone there so much! Also Saturday night I got to meet Jamie and her new little one (well she doesn't call him a little one)! But I was so excited to meet little James! I finally got to give her her baby shower gift and he loved it! We gave them a Bumbo and he thought he was such a big boy sitting in it!

Well I guess this sums up August leaving out some of the crazy details!


With a two new Commanders wife comes lots of good food, fun, and catching up! First we had the new Brigade Commanders wife coffee! It was great and we had lots of people! This one I got to be a guest and not a host! It was a lot of fun! We got to see people we had not seen in a few months and meet all the new wives we had coming in. Then next we had out new Battallion Commanders wife coffee. Me and a few other wives hosted this! It was a great turn out as well! We had so much fun getting to know both of these ladies a little better and they are both wonderful women and we are excited to have them!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Next New Adventures

The second week back was just as busy and turned out to be pretty ruff week! For those who do not already know Jon and I had been thinking that we were pregnant since April and was having trouble getting a test to say yes but I was having tons of symptoms including my rapidly growing belly! Well during block leave at the beach I finally got a test to say yes but until we had bloodwork we were not really telling anyone but family. So we went back and well everyone at Fort Bragg is pregnant or thought they were pregnant and it took forever to get in when I went the first time my test came back negative but having a friend who was a nurse at one of the clinics and could feel my uterus thought maybe there was a mistake with the lab work and sent me for several other test! With these tests I found out that I was pregnant but that I had miscarried. Now what was wrong with me and what was going on. At the time I was 18 weeks but they believe that I miscarried around 12 weeks but they are not sure why my body had not bled any. So at another doctors appt they did a sonogram and ultrasound to check out my body! Fun Stuff! There was still some leftover but not much so no DNC! Thank God I did not want to have that at all! But they took 8 viles of blood to see what was wrong and I passed out of the lab guy! But that is another story I tried to tell him! And a few days later I found out that I have severe hypothyroidism and that is what caused the miscarriage! So they gave me a little pill to take for the rest of my life and then they gave me hormones to get the other started. So after a few weeks I started feeling a little better and guess what I am late which turns into two weeks late and three weeks late before I get an appt and lab work done! But no baby but my thyroid is still not what it needs to be so they changed my medication and here we are now trying to figure out what is going on still. Keep me in your prayers! I have severe headaches some days that have actually caused me to pass out a few times! They will not do anything till after I have a thyroid ultrasound done, which is scheduled for Oct. 7th so hopefully we will find out something after that and hopefully this new medicine will start to kick in!

Trying to Catch up

Yes I know I am way behind! I have many blogs to catch up on! Hopefully I can get them updated so then I can post what is going on now! I left you last with our Fair Family Vacation in Pensacola July 4th week! Wow what a great week can we just back to there! Maybe that is why I have not caught up! LOL! The next week Jon had to go back to work full force and it has not slowed down yet!

In that first week back our battallion got a new commander YEAH!!! They are a awesome family and we are blessed to have them be a part of our unit! We had our Change of Command Cermony that week and it went great! We said our goodbyes to The Kim's and our welcome's to The Laneve's! It was time for change! Change is good! We have a lot of changes in staff going on! Including Jon becoming XO of the company! A great step for his career even though it is a lot of work! (AND THE HOURS STINK)

Also that first week me and a few other ladies hosted a baby shower for our former XO's wife! She is fantastic and has done so much for us so we wanted to do something for her. She had already delivered her precious little boy Wilson Roller Wilson so it was a meet and greet! We had such a great time with everyone and she got some precious little gifts.

That first weekend Jon and I decided to spend some quality time together and went to the movies and then we found out that we actually have a putt putt golf place! Who knew? We sure didn't but we had fun playing!