Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Weekend Home

Wow! Sorry this is long delayed! Our First weekend back home was Easter! What a crazy trip! We drove down on a Friday and came back on Monday! It was packed full of fun and people! Friday night we went to Red Lobster Friday and tradition I miss! The Fair's and The St. John's all came together for the first reunion! Carrie and Anthony and precious Ansleigh were able to join us as well as Jon's two sisters Candace and Ruthanne! Almost all of the family was there! Great night! After dinner we went to the St. Johns where my very excited husband decided to share all of his gifts with the family! And we played around for a little while! Jon also got his Christmas Gifts from his family that night! He was totally suprised and super excited! (He has already used it a few times) His parents gave him a table saw and his sisters gave him a new Xbox game!

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and went to the hospital to see my recovery grandmother! She was very excited to get to see Jon for the first time! She had no idea that we were coming to the hospital and she even showed off for us walking down the hallway! After the hospital trip we returned to the St. Johns for a wonderful Brunch with the family! That afternoon we went to my parents house to help get it ready for my Grandmothers arrival and spend some time playing with Ansleigh! She is so cute! Late that afternoon we went back to the St. John's to get ready for our big family dinner! We were all going to Fuji's, a japanese restraunt in Anniston, David and Lydia Diggs met us there and we had a wonderful meal! After dinner we went back to the St. John's and watched a movie and all hung out together! What a great day!
Sunday morning was Easter Sunday and woke up and went to church together! It was Jon's first time being back at Church since R&R. It was great to see everyone! What a great Sunday to return home! The message was great! After Church we went to my parents house to have a big dinner. We decided to combine Jon's homecoming, Easter, and Ansleigh's first visit into one! Everyone came to Mom's house including the St. John's. We ate wonderful food and got to spend a lot of time with everyone! Late that afternoon Jon, Me, Bob and Anthony went to The Digg's house to go shoot his new guns! It was great fun! I had never shot a gun before but I was pretty good aim! Everyone took turns shooting the M4, 22, and the 45. It was fun! It was fun for me just watching all the guys shooting!

Monday morning was sad we had to head back to NC! But we will be back soon!

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