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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On to a New Home

Wow, I can not believe it is almost here! Most of you already now but for those who do not we are starting our journey out west very soon. This Friday the packers start packing up my house and I can not believe it is here. Next week is going to be a crazy, hectic adventure but with the Lord we are going to get through it! We have the packers there again Monday and Tuesday then the Movers come Wednesday. Wednesday night we have massive cleaning to do including shampooing the carpets and lots of fun things! Thankfully, Bob and Mary Ann are graciously coming up to help with the cleaning since it will be so late on Wednesday before we can start anything and it is going to be so crazy. Jon has not even started clearing post which is going to be a task in its self! I just have to remember to stay calm for our little one growing in my belly and not stress too much! Which is happening quite a bit right now! Please pray we can get all we need to do done and safely.

Next Friday we will depart for Anniston, AL and we will get to stay hopefully until the Monday after Easter! Then
, as many of you already know, the Army is sending us to the lovely Ft. Huachuca, Arizona (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Huachuca), located in Cochise County, AZ (http://www.explorecochise.com/). We are very excited to be heading to Arizona! Neither one of us have ever been out west and we are hoping to get lots of traveling in. We want to go visit Jon's Brother Tim and his wife in LA, and the Grand Canyon, San Diego, and many other fun places out there! We are also hoping we get some visitors while we are staying out there. We should be there for 5 months, and yes you are thinking right we will move once again while we are pregnant! LOVELY!!! We have no idea where we are headed next either even though we are doing everything possible to try to get to Savannah, GA!!!!

Well I hope this gets all of you caught up on our Adventures! Please keep us in your prayers during all this craziness! Love all you,
Jon, Christina, & Baby St. John

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Jessica said...

How's life in Alabama so far?