Monday, May 18, 2009

Block Leave and Easter

So the packers got everything packed up and the movers loaded it all up and moved it out to Arizona! I can't believe we had so much stuff! IT is so hard to move pregnant! While we were in Alabama we had a lot of adventures! A few trips to the Bass Pro Shop, Several Shopping Trips, Jon and my Dad did a LOT of fishing and we also had another doctors appointment.

At my doctors appointment I learned that I hate Tricare! Go figure! Also we got to have a ultrasound and see our little baby! He or She was so cute and I could not believe how much they grow in such a small amount of time. They changed my due date from October 14 to October 24 from the crown to rump measurements!

While we were home we got to celebrate Jon's Mom's Birthday! We went to Douglasville, GA to eat and to go to the Movies! Such a great time!

We also celebrated my Mom's Birthday! We went out to eat and spent most of the day relaxing!

Next event was Easter! What great fun! We got to spend most of the whole week before with Anthony, Carrie and Ansleigh. We took her for Easter pictures which was a treat! She sat by a bunny and we are pretty sure killed two little chicks! :( She thought they were play toys to hold and squeeze! Jon also tried to teach her how to hide eggs but it was more fun for her to pick her favorite two! The Saturday before Easter we had all the family over to Mom's house for Lunch it was great! Easter Sunday at Church was so great! What a great message!

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