Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey, yes I know this was a little late but I lost the camera cord to upload the pics!

The weekend after Memorial Day we rented a boat and some friends own a RV and we all headed to Patagonia to enjoy the weekend on the lake! It was fantastic! Camping in the RV and the boys all went fishing most of the day and Saturday and Sunday morning! On Sunday before loading up Jon took me and Mocha on a boat ride! It was Mocha's first time on a boat! She did so good!

On Saturday we had planned for all 4 guys riding on the boat we had rented but well it was sinking! Kind of funny! Two of the guys came back and rented a different boat so everyone could enjoy! Jon seemed to be the fisherman of the group that weekend. He did really good and I am proud! We all had a blast and had some great food!

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