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Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Shower

So July 11th I flew home to go see all my family! WOO HOO!! I had missed the south oh so much! It was nice to see green the closer that I got to Atlanta! After landing we went to the mall in Douglasville to shop a little! (My favorite thing to do is to shop with Mom!) And then we had lunch at Johnny Rockets! Yum! Then on to Babies'R'Us! I love that store! I do not think I can describe how much I LOVE THIS STORE! We got lots of fun things! My Mom finished by several things to add to my gift from Lolli and Pop! And well I just am addicted and can not help myself! Yes I said it! But they had a new swaddler that was aqua with chocolate trim that Tyler had to have and well a few other items as well! Then time to go to Bama and we stopped in to see my Nana! She was so excited!
Sunday I woke up late, go figure I was still functioning on two hours behind! But I did make it to church and then lunch with the in-laws! It is so great seeing everyone at church and then spending quality time with the in-laws! It was nice to see family! Sunday when I got back to Mom and Dads house I got presents! :) My Mom gave me my Diaper Bag and all kinds of adorable outfits! I can not wait for my little guy to get here and put him in all of them! I was so sad that I could not show all of them to Jon but I took pictures and sent them to him! Wow I didn't realize how much I was going to miss him!
Monday morning my Mimi came and picked me up and let me go to Dillards and pick out some adorable things for my sweet little boy and then we had lunch at one of my favorite places in town, China Luck! It was so yummy and I stuffed myself! Bad thing was all the salt plus the humidity I was swollen like a blowfish that needed to be popped! I literally thought I was going to pop! After Mom got home we hit the town trying to finish getting things for the shower!

Tuesday I had lunch with one great friend and her adorable son! He was such a entertainment! It was so great to see her and spend some time together! Jamie and her Mom gave Tyler some adorable sleepers and a cute little pull toy! After lunch and Jamie left my Moms I placed my self in the swimming pool! Heaven on Earth! I enjoyed it so much! It took all the swelling out of my feet and hands! Loved it!

Wednesday I had lunch with Jon's parents and sisters! We had mexican and it was wonderful! Such a good time visiting with them. Then when I got home I went with my parents to Atlanta to pick up my sister and Ansleigh at the airport! Yeah! It was so good to see them!

Thursday morning was going to be a great day! Today was the day for the haircut! I was so excited to get to see Jan as well. So we cut 11 inches off! Yes I said 11 inches I feel like a new woman and a huge weight was gone! Long thick hair in the middle of the desert pregnant is no fun! I am so happy with it! That afternoon we took Ansleigh back for her first haircut! She was so cute but was no sure about this haircut thing! But she is so adorable now! We also went to go visit Mrs. Eva! She was so excited to see Ansleigh for the very first time!

Friday was a busy, yet fun day! We got up and went to the church to set up for my shower and get everything ready! It looked so great! Then at lunch time my Mom's office gave me a baby shower! It was so much fun! We had Mata's pizza (YUMMM) and yummy cake! I really appreciate them thinking of us at this special time! We took Ansleigh home for a nap and then that night we went to eat at Red Lobster Friday! It is our favorite!

Saturday we had my shower and it was fantastic! I really appreciate everyones efforts to make it such a special day! Baby Tyler got so much great stuff! We feel really blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! After the shower we cleaned up and headed home! I was told I had to put my feet up and rest and after a while I got up and went through all the gifts! Man I didn't even remember all that I had gotten! It was fun and I got to take pictures for Jon so that he could see everything. Later that night we went to Martins to exchange some sizes and then to Target to take back some doubles. Mom and Carrie took me through Target telling me all the stuff I needed that I had not got yet. I had no clue everything that was in my cart! LOL. It was a blur of "you will need these" and "okay" and when I checked out all I knew was that I had gotten stuff that I needed! It was fun though.
Sunday morning I got up and went to church and then had lunch with the St. John's. It was great and I got to visit some with Ricky as well. I miss getting to see him some when we lived so close to each other. After getting home we all played in the pool with Ansleigh! She loves the pool! She is so cute!

Monday we got up and got ready and after Ansleigh's nap we went to Birmingham. We went to Babies'R Us to go finish getting my big items. I got so much stuff it was great! I felt so much better knowing that we had everything almost that we needed!
Tuesday was a sad day! We got up early to take Carrie and Ansleigh to the airport! So sad to see them go! Buggy did not want to leave her Pop! She loves him and her Lolli! Then we tried to waste time before my flight! Man we got bored! We roamed Target TWICE! But the good thing about target was I found my baby monitor for less than half price because they are changing the color of my monitor! Crazy, but good for us! I also found some other things marked cheap! Yeah for baby! And at Ross we found Tyler a Braves onsie! He is going to be so cute in it! Mommy is going to have to take him to game and send pics to daddy! Later that day I finally got to go to the airport and get on my plane! I totally decided that flying by yourself pregnant is STINKY! I arrived in Phoenix to my sweet husband all dressed up in a suit! (SO HANDSOME) He had cleaned the car all up and we got home he had cleaned the house, done the dishes, and washed the clothes! WOW! It was great!

So to sum this up a great week but I missed my hubby lots! I do really want to Thank all our friends a family for the great showers!

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