Friday, April 30, 2010

New Fun Toys

So forever I have been wanting a digital SLR camera to take photos! Since before Jon and I got married! I love cameras! During the last deployment Jon bought me a Canon Rebel SLR Film camera! IT is fantastic and I have a lot of fun with it but it has limitations and you don't always know if you got the shot. I love it at the beach it takes amazing photos! AMAZING!!! After having a little while I went back to asking to have the digital version also, especially now when you can hardly find any film especially good film! So Jon had told me a long time ago maybe during the next deployment.
Well most who know me know I start planning Christmas gifts in January! HA! So I ask Jon could I have a digital version for Christmas this year. Well the answer was no! I was sad but I just needed to wait and let him do it on his time because he is all about surprises. Me and surprises have a Love and Hate relationship! I love them but I hate not knowing and I do mean HATE! But last weekend my dear sweet husband sent me a very loving and sweet email telling me about my mothers day present and that he wished he was home so that he could have went and got my camera to surprise me but since he was not he wanted me to go get it for my birthday present! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!

All weekend I re-researched and researched more to decide what I really wanted! I wanted a good one that was going to last me several years like my child is out of school years! I also decided I wanted a Canon so that I could exchange the lenses between my film. But I love Nikon also so that was a hard decision! Monday morning I went to Best Buy with a open mind but also loaded with knowledge and the price of things at other places. They got me a guy who was a camera expert and we talked for probably a hour. I did not tell him the one I had pretty much decided on before I got there. I also told him I was not completely decided on a brand. I liked Canon and Nikon. I did not want a Pentax or any other brand. I have had a Pentax and it was a horrible, horrible camera. I like Minoltas but they do not make them anymore either! So I listened to everything he had to say. I was actually surprised that this Best Buy actually had as many SLR cameras in stock. After all that I decided on the one that I had went in to buy! HA! It was highly recommended and it was amazing! I got the Canon Rebel T2i and I am very pleased. I also bought a extra lens and I got the Canon 55-250 lens to go along with the 18-55 that came with it. Which having a IPhone came in handy because the lense was $70 cheaper on Amazon and Best Buy price matched!

I am very, very pleased with it!!! I am also learning how to use it slowly, but surely. So any tips would be very helpful!

Oh I forgot that I went back to best buy and bought this little fantastic printer that prints 4x6 and 5x7 and it has bluetooth so I can also print from my Iphone!!

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