Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Reviews

So I have not blogged in a very long time, but hey I am inspired! Hopefully I can get a few blogs out in the next few days! I am kind of copying someones ideas for this one but I thought it was a great idea so I decided to do it myself!

This blog is going to be all about baby stuff. As in the baby stuff that I loved, liked, disliked, and well was a plan waste of money! (Hopefully there is not a lot of the later.) Being a new mom it is so hard to figure out what you need, what you want, what brand you want, what pattern, and the safety! It is so overwhelming picking out everything for your registry and then making sure you have everything you need! Personally I knew somethings and some I researched, ask friends, and researched again. Drove my dear husband crazy over some things! One because he didn't really care as long as it was safe, did not look girly, and did not cost him a arm and leg. And well the ones that did, lets just not tell him since he has not figure it yet! HAHA!

So here we go. The first subject shall be diapers. And please remember these are my opinions!!! I think the way to go is Pampers! I actually pretty much would tell you it is the only way to go!! I have tried several and the only one that did not leak on me was good ole pampers! Pampers swaddlers are the absolute best! Just love how soft they are and they fit him so well! Plus Pampers has a rewards program and you can get free stuff! Love that!!!

Next is one of my favorite purchases! And let me tell you I would have never in a million years purchased one of these if I would not have had a NICU baby and they would not let me leave the hospital without one! Tyler was so small that he could not fit in his infant carrier without it cutting off his oxygen. So for me to fly home I had to have a sling. Mom bought me one when she arrived in Phoenix and well lets just say it was taken back and is on my list of hates! It came from Target and if you have a super long waist you might could use it with it hanging right. The doctor that is certified in this stuff could not figure it out at first and then we never got it right on me. Plus it leaves a gap against you so to them it was a safety issue.
So my doctor brought in a Moby wrap! I thought she was nuts and looked at her like she was crazy! I was not going to put my preemie in that! I was scaried to death but she put on the wrap and put my sweet little Tyler inside! It did not look that hard and he seemed to love it! She even did jumping jacks to show me that he was safe and secure. I almost had a heartache right there! But I put it on like 10 times and then I actually put him inside and it was easy and we walked all over the NICU until I felt comfortable to wear him inside of it! I flew all the way from Phoenix, AZ to Atlanta, Ga with my 2 week old preemie took nice and tight inside. He loved it and so did I! I does not hurt my back at all and he loves it. I have put him in it several ways and have even cleaned my whole house with him tucked inside! So if your are having a baby check out Great investment!

Baby Mittens, well I personally think you can live without them, but some mom's think you can not live without them. Tyler always hated them and would not wear them! He does not like his hands covered with anything. In fact most babies I know do not like there hand covered. If you need them you can also use socks for the same purpose and you already have them so it is not more money spent. I was not going to spend my whole day sticking little mittens back over little active hands every 5 minutes.
Okay Post number 2 with more items to come very soon!

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