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Our Life

Our Life

Life right now for us is up and down. I have not had time to update facebook, twitter, the blog or even my head! I hope this post can update you with a lot of facts.

July 2nd through July 9th we went to Pensacola Beach with my family. We had a great time overall and it was so nice to spend time with the family. I have posted some things about it and hope to add the rest very soon! Jon started getting very sick this week.

July 10th I took Jon to the ER in Alabama because his headache had not gone away since July 4th and they admitted him in the hospital because his platelet level was so low. They thought he had menegitis. They needed to do a spinal tap to be sure but his platelet level was so low they thought he might bleed out. (I was scared to death!) I have never seen anyone this sick. Jon was getting worse as the day progressed so the doctors and nurses were really worried. The neurologist came in even though it was his off day and he was not on call to do a lumbar puncture. Jon's parents and I prayed with him and let them do the procedure. Sunday night was a long night. Something happend EVERY hour. Monday morning the neurologist came in to let us know he did not have meningitis that his fluid had come back clear. Monday afternoon Jon's doctor came in to tell us that he had tested postive for Malaria. We were shocked. Thank God we finally knew what was wrong and that we could treat it. We started treatment and he started feeling better. The medicines made him sleepy which was good because he got some much needed rest. Tuesday they tested his blood every 4 hours and late Tuesday night they discharged us after he had 12 hours of one of his meds through his IV. He was on the road to recovery.

Tuesday night, the 12th, we got home at 10:45 and we needed to get up at 3 am to catch a flight to Los Angeles. I had not even began to start to pack. I got Jon to bed and started getting together what we needed for 6 days in LA. I laid down at 2:24 am and got up at 3:15 am. We loaded the truck and I drove to Atlanta. The airport was crazy and we parked at airport hoping to get as close as possible so that I would not have to carry so much for very far. Jon could not really carry a lot. Thank heaven someone had left a cart right by where we parked. We packed up the carseat in its bag and I put Tyler in the Moby wrap and off we went. We got checked in and would love to THANK AirTran for letting active military check bags for free, even bags that weighed WAY over the limit! Thank GOODNESS! We started towards security. It was a experience! I had to take Tyler out of the moby even though it was only cotton! Oh I should mention it took us over a hour to get our boarding passes and check our suitcase so by the time we got through the overcrowded security we got to the gate just in time to start boarding. Thank goodness we got to the airport two hours and 15 minutes early! Tyler did amazing on the flight! Thank goodness!

When landing in LA Jon's brother met us at the airport to help us get our rental car and find our hotel. It was also nice having someone help get all of our things to the car. We headed to Avis and got our rental car and then we needed to stop at a Walgreen's by the airport to pick up one of Jon's malaria meds that had to be ordered because no one had. After picking up his medicine we stopped at In and Out. Oh how i had missed that place and still miss that place! It was all so very yummy! Tyler even digged it! On to our hotel we went! We accidently went the long way and boy was it the long way! We got checked in and I started unpacking us while Jon took a shower. Poor guy had not had one since before hospital! We were all tired and Tyler needed a nap so we laid him done and decided to lay down ourselves. BEST NAP EVER! We woke up at 10:45pm with several missed calls and text messages. We slept through our dinner plans and everything. It was good we woke up though because Jon needed to take all of his medicines. We were also all hungry so we started calling and the only thing open anywhere close to us was Denny's. We called it in and I went and picked it up. It was yummy but neither one of us could eat half of what we got. We all laid back down and went to sleep pretty fast.

Thursday morning Tyler woke up at 4 am, which is 6 am our time, we tried all of our tricks but he was not going to go back to sleep. Jon needed sleep so he texted to see if his dad was up but no response. I put Tyler in the tub and very soon after that Grandpa came to our room! We decided since breakfast was at 6 we would go then. CRAZY! Well we didn't have breakfast included so we decided to head to Denny's! It was good! After breakfast we went to Tim's apartment for a little while then Jon's parents headed to pick up Candace, Phil, & Ruthanne at the airport and Jon wanted to take a nap. Tyler fell asleep in the car so I dropped him and Jon off at the room and ran to Target for some things I needed on my list. After getting back to the room we all got ready to go get lunch with the family. Then we all had to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We were a hour away but it took WAY longer to get to the ranch. The 405 is horrible! I could never live in LA I would have to take way more happy drugs than I take now!

The rehearsal went good and Tyler even practiced going down the aisle. He then screamed through the rest because daddy was up front and he could not go to him. I had to take him away till the rehearsal was over. I knew that this would happen. We then headed to the rehearsal dinner. It was so yummy and Tyler did pretty good. We had to leave a little early because it was WAY past Tyler's bedtime and we were started to see the results. We all got a goodnight's sleep.

Friday morning we slept in a little and then we all headed to Panera Bread for breakfast with the family. After breakfast the guys were heading to help Tim move but Jon was sick and not feeling well at all so he went to hotel to sleep. Tyler went with him as well to nap. Us girls hit up some shops and got some Starbucks. At 2 I had to take Jon and Phil to Tim's for them to start the bachelor party. All the guys had a hotel a little closer to the wedding. Candace, Ruthanne, and I had a girl's night out! IT WAS SO NICE!!! We went to dinner at the Melting Pot and then hit up some shopping. We were suppose to go to a movie but I was falling asleep. We headed to the hotel and I got Tyler and we headed to our room to go to sleep.

Saturday morning was a little interesting. Not long after waking up the fire alarm started going off. I didn't realize it was real but I grabbed Tyler and we headed down the hall. We went downstairs to find part of the hall completely flooded. Basically some guy had set off his sprinkler and it had flooded 4 rooms downstairs so they told everyone they could go back to our rooms. I started getting ready for the wedding because we had to leave by 10 am to get to the ranch on time. We got to San Fernando a little early to be able to get lunch. We did not have many options so we went and ate a golf course. It was pretty good and was a great spot for Tyler. After lunch we headed over to the ranch for the wedding.

Tim looked so happy and Jee was beautiful! The site was great and the reception was going to be so fun! Jon was feeling some pain but was sucking it up because it was wedding day. We got some pictures taken and Tyler played with some of the other children. Bad thing was wedding was at or around his normal bed time. He got really fussy and we were not sure he would make it down the aisle but with some candy persuasion he made it and was so cute. As soon as he got down though he wanted his daddy. I had to take him inside the building so that he could not see him at all. I missed the whole wedding. Tyler was so sleepy! Great thing about the reception was they had childcare provided for wedding party. We dropped him off and I took my seat. All the wedding party was announced in and Jon joined me. After dinner was served Jon was feeling so bad we had to leave for the hotel. Tyler and Jon feel asleep while driving back to the hotel.

Sunday we all slept in. Jon had a headache still and had done way too much Saturday. We woke up right before lunch time. We got a text to meet everyone at a Hawaiian restaurant for lunch after they got out of church. We got up and got ready quickly and headed over. The food well let's just say us 3 will never be returning to eat there again. It was not that good. After lunch most of us headed to Santa Monica to roam 3rd avenue. We hit up some shopping and went to the Santa Monica Pier. Tyler was a mess. He did not want to walk and he only wanted his daddy. Mommy & Daddy needed a spanking for forgetting the stroller in Alabama. I looked all over for a stroller anywhere at any price, but no one had one! Tyler rode on mostly Jon's shoulders but shared some of the rest of us too. For dinner we had some yummy seafood and then we all headed to our hotels.

Monday we woke up early to get everything packed up and checked out. We drove to Avis and dropped off our car and then took the shuttle to the airport. We got our boarding passes, checked our luggage and headed through security. We arrived way to early and picked a bad time to fly. Tyler was needing a nap right before boarding and was a crying mess. A sweet lady sat with him in the floor and helped him draw. She was someone new and completely distracted him. He was great on the flight home but he cried almost the whole two hour drive back to Anniston. Crazy kid was over tired and he is not used to someone sitting beside him in the back either. As soon as we dropped Mike off and I moved up front he went right to sleep. When we got to my parents house they helped us pack everything as fast as we could into Jon's truck and then we drove 5 hours to Tennessee. We got back at 2:30 am and Jon had to get up at 4am. Great times!

Tuesday the 19th when we got back Jon went straight to sick call to get an appointment with the infections disease doctor on post to check on his Malaria. He was able to get appointment on Wednesday thank goodness. He went in and was told he was doing great. That they have given him more medicine than he had really needed but it was okay. His malaria was from Afghanistan and it had been dormant in his liver since he got back. It is still crazy when I think about it but thank goodness he is okay and doing so much better.

We had been noticing Tyler tugging at his ears some and then he started running a fever and I got worried called the doctor on Wednesday and off we went. He had the beginnings of a double ear infection. So glad we went we did because his doctor had said in 24 hours it would have been a full blown double ear infection. We got amoxicillian to take for the next 10 days. He started feeling better a few days later.

The next week I was praying we were all going to be healthy and well I was so wrong! Monday Tyler was not feeling well at all so I called the doctor and in we went. He had a virus but since he was taking the amoxicillian already they left him on that and gave him a little benadryl to take at night to help him sleep because of his mucus. Monday night Tyler's fever was so high and I could not get it down. I called the doctor on call and we tried a few tricks got him some motrin and finally got him asleep.

Tuesday morning he woke up with a high fever again and really sick. So I called the doctor and in we went. They did some blood work and sent us to the hospital for a chest x-ray. Poor guy struggled all week and was not getting any better he actually got worse. We had a really bad night Friday night and then he was gagging from all the mucus Saturday morning. We called his doctor and in we went again. (They know us by name and face, now) Luckily his doctor was the doctor on call that Saturday. We found out Tyler had coxsackie virus, otherwise known as Hand, Foot, and throat disease. His throat was covered in blisters all over it. We got a new prescription a strong one. He started feeling better on Sunday thank goodness but is still struggling some with the mucus to the day. We are still using the breathing machine every night.

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