Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Life, Part 2

Monday, April 1st I had surgery scheduled. We are struggling to have baby number 2 and I had a referral to a GREAT doctor in Nashville. He wants to test everything for his self and see which direction he wants to go in. So he sent me to have a Hysteroscopy, Endometrial biopsy and a Sono-hysterography. I had a sweet friend who watched Tyler for us all day and Jon drove me to Nashville. I had to be there before 11:00 am to do all my admitting information. My surgery was schedule for 2pm. I got paperwork filled out and then went to outpatient surgery desk. I was given a pager and told to sit down. First time my pager went off I was taken to the lab to have 7 vials of blood taken and a urine sample. Next time it went off they took me to my room. They explained some things to us then I changed into my hospital gown and got in my hospital bed. They took all my vitals and then left me to wait to go to the waiting area before surgery. It did not take a few minutes before they were ready to wheel me away. I was afraid and very nervous.

In the waiting area it was time for the IV. I had never had a IV and was SUPER DUPER afraid of it. It was the one thing I was so worried about before child birth but that happened to fast and I did not have a IV so now I had to face my fear. I let the sweet nurse know how scared I was and we talked about which arm did better giving blood normally. While she was starting up the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me. The nurse gave me a numbing shot before starting my IV and after the anesthesiologist left I thought she was done except she could not get it to flow and had pulled it all out. BOO! (Weird thing is that was the same thing that happened when the ambulance tried to do it during labor also.) She gave me a numbing shot and tried a new place on same arm but had no success. She was the sweetest nurse and was not wanting to try again but I convinced her I did not want anyone else and please try again. She came to the other side and gave me a big dose of numbing shot and it stung pretty good. I am pretty sure she knew she might have to dig and did not want me to feel it. She got this to work after a few minutes. THANK YOU LORD! Next thing I know there is tons of people around me and they were telling me things I wish I could remember to tell you! HA! I remember them wheeling me into the surgery room and I remember saying something about having to move beds and the next thing I remember was waking up to my blood pressure cup tightening up when I was in recovery. The nurse would walk over and I would ask her questions. I do not remember what I ask but I do remember telling her I was sorry if I was bothering her and she giggled at me. Not long they took me back to my room to see Jon. The doctor had been in and talked to him already. I was so glad it was over. I was dying to go to the bathroom. My nurse said she would be right back to help me but it went a little while and I was dying so I sent Jon to get her. She laughed when we went in because she thought I was joking I really had to go! I got some lovely hospital accessories that you get after child birth and was told I could get dressed and go home. They were amazed that I could walk by myself and I was not having any pain! YAY ME! I was also STARVING. Oh and I will not forget to mention my husband had got me a sweet balloon and some whoppers in which I inhaled! After leaving my phone beeped in with a voice mail from my RE Dr's office saying I needed to come in the next two days for blood work. Well medicine induced self called my mother in a big ball of tears. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish that. Jon could not miss that much work and I could not drive for 48 hours besides the fact I had Tyler. Well my Mom had a doctor's appointment she did not need to miss so I called a friend and begged! Thank the Lord for giving such a great friend that would drive me to Nashville 2 days in a row.

After my crying spell we ate dinner at Jason's Deli. Oh, how I miss that place. Then we drove back to Clarksville. First we stopped to fill all my prescriptions and then picked up Tyler at our friend who was babysitting him's house and headed home. I started feeling some of the cramps so I took my medicine and laid down. I never took my pain pills or even had them filled. I do not like taking things like that and I had a 2 year old to take care of.

Tuesday Morning I wake up early and fly through the house getting ready to realize that the car seat is still in the hubs truck. I call him and he flies home to bring it to me so that we could get on the road to my appointment. I forgot to eat breakfast because I was so busy. That was a bad mistake that I would soon find out. I signed in at the front desk and was called back to the lab. The girl kept pulling out vials and pulling out vials. I was getting very nervous and ask her. She took 18 vials of blood. Most I have ever had taken. I got the clammy feeling and was pretty sure I was fixing to pass out. They brought me chocolate and water and I started feeling better. They helped me walk out and we set my appointment to have a ultrasound and cultures taken and told me that they would see me the next day. After that we went and got some food at cracker barrel and then had to get back to Clarksville to get P to Preschool.

Wednesday was much better on two vials of blood and then I was out of there. We went and did some shopping around Nashville, got lunch and then headed home. Pretty good day. I have some cramping and I had done way to much walking and holding Tyler I was feeling it by the time Jon got home that day.

Thursday was a bad day. BAD DAY! Yeah that is all that needs to be said. Minus the fact that you should know that I had a doctors appointment with my regular doctor and when I arrived they told me he had called in and I could either see another doctor or reschedule. I was mad and almost just rescheduled but since I was just suppose to be getting test results I decided I would see someone else. I do not like hardly any of the doctors there and the front desk staff knows this. Well I waited a hour and they took me back to the lady that does my yearly exams. It was good I stayed because the fill in lab tech the week before had not done hardly any of my test so they could not give me any of my results so new lab work was drawn and another appointment was scheduled.

Friday I hung out with a friend and we roamed a little then when Jon got off early we went roaming together. Saturday we did some major, major cleaning and going through things. Our house is taking on some major changes but that is a update for later.

So for now you can keep us in your prayers. I have a my doctors appointment tomorrow to find out from last Thursday and then Monday I have my last procedure in Nashville before we go back on the 22nd to get all of our results and see where we go and what we are going to do to hopefully have Baby St. John #2!

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