Friday, February 17, 2012

He is fishing!

Tyler's room never got fully redecorated when we went from Baby to Toddler until now. Tyler has been sleeping in the floor a lot so we have been trying to find a solution to get him out of the floor and back in his bed. We went to a friends for the Superbowl and one little boy had a car bed and Tyler LOVED it. He had to keep showing us how cool it was. Jon asked him if maybe he wanted a boat bed or car bed and he went crazy in excitement. So the search began. My first thought was we were going from a nice wooden bed to a plastic bed and that I was not excited about. Then I saw the price of the car bed and knew I was not paying that amount for a plastic bed. Then I found the perfect wooden ship bed. It was still a toddler bed even though I was looking for twin. It got amazing reviews on several websites and it was ages 15 months to 7 years old. Score! I ordered and it came in yesterday. What a pretty and super heavy bed. The box weighed 78 pounds. Thank you Amazon Prime for your free shipping! Need less to say we did some rearranging and put his new bed together that day. We moved the crib and glider to the guest bedroom which will be Baby #2's bedroom very soon. Tyler loves his new bed and has slept in it all night.

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