Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Last Thursday afternoon we packed up the truck and hooked up the boat and drove up to Kentucky Beach Resort on Kentucky Lake. Jon's parents came up and followed us up as well. We were ready for a fun filled long weekend. When we got there we checked in to our condo and unloaded the cars. The facilities were really nice. The condo was not the Hilton but it was really nice. After unloading the cars Jon, Tyler, and Bob took the truck and put the boat in the water and parked the trailer in the trailer parking lot. Jon and Tyler drove the boat around and parked it at the dock in front of our condo.Thursday night we drove into Murray, KY and got dinner at Cracker Barrel and went to Wal-mart.
Friday morning Jon and Bob got up at 4 am to take the boat and go fishing. They had so much fun and caught some good fish. Jon caught his first small mouth Bass. They brought back 3 fish to show us. Tyler loved it and was petting the fish and telling them they were good fishy.  They came up to the condo and we had breakfast then Jon took his Mom, Dad, and Tyler for a ride on the boat. While they were gone made chicken salad and pasta salad for lunch and prepped stuff for dinner. We they got back we all had lunch together and then Tyler took nap as did everyone else. After nap time we headed to the beach to play in the sand and take in some sun for the rest of the afternoon. That night I cooked a Low Country Boil, Coleslaw, and Cornbread. Dinner was so good. Jon smoked the sausage on the grill before we added it to the pot. So yummy. Then it was bath and bedtime.
Saturday morning Jon and his dad got up again at 4:30 and were ready to take on the lake. They had a good fishing trip again. After coming back we had breakfast and then Jon took Tyler and I out on the lake for a fishing trip. Tyler got to fish with a real hook for the first time and he was so excited. I was a nervous wreck but he did pretty good. We had a few tangles and he snagged my finger once and then I was trying to help him and we snagged Jon's life jacket. He did pretty good though with our help he got 3 fish on the hook but lost them before the boat. When we got back to the condo Jon put real (good) fishing line on the rod so that we would not lose anymore fish or have near the tangles. We also had lunch then changed and got ready for the beach (lake). Tyler loved going down to the water. He was so brave and is really getting confident in the water. He loved going out to the deep water and jumping off the diving plank. He would cry when he would come in then he would get interested in the sand toys. He even made a little friend with a little boy and they built a volcano in the sand. Tyler had resisted taking a nap that day but we needed him to take one so we got ready for dinner early and took a drive. He fell asleep immediately in the car. We went to Wal-mart first to grab a few more things we needed and let Tyler finish out his nap. Grandma and Grandpa bought Tyler some fun new swim toys. For dinner we went to this great local restaurant in Murray, KY. It was such reasonable prices and wonderful food. I wish it was closer we would go a lot more. After dinner we headed back to the condo and Tyler got all his goodies. He was so excited and played with them up till going to bed.
Sunday morning Jon and Bob hit the lake at 4:00am again and went fishing. They brought back some of their catch for little Tyler to see. He loves seeing those fish. We all had breakfast then we all worshiped together. We sang some hymns and some songs for Tyler and then read and discussed the scripture together. Afterwards we got ready and went down to the beach together. Tyler enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand and we all enjoyed watching him. Jon and I later in the afternoon decided to take a boat ride the two of us. It was nice. I made me a seat on a towel on the back of the boat and stuck my feet in the water while Jon fished. It kept me cooler and I was really comfortable. If I would have had a pillow I would have been asleep. After our boat ride we sat on the beach a little while longer and then Jon and I headed up to cook dinner and his parents and Tyler were not far behind us. I prepped the ribs while Jon got the grill ready then I made potato's and zucchini. I also made garlic cheddar biscuits. It was all very yummy. After dinner Jon took everyone on a short boat ride to see the sunset on the water. After the ride we all started packing up and cleaning up the condo. We all also got showers and got Tyler to sleep.
Monday morning we woke up and loaded everything in the cars and headed back to Clarksville. We met Jon's parents at Cracker Barrel for a brunch and then they had to leave to head back to Anniston. Jon and I headed home and unloaded the truck and worked on putting things away. Tyler took a nap while we watched some TV. When Tyler woke up we headed to town for a little while and he feel back asleep in the truck. We got him out and went in the mall and Tyler sleep on Jon's shoulder for most of the trip. He woke up and we decided to get supper at Old Chicago. After dinner we headed home to start the normal routine.

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Steph said...

Sounds like fun! We had a shrimp boil on Monday with homemade ice cream too!