Sunday, September 23, 2012

It has been a while....

It has been a while....

Life at The St. John's has been super busy and crazy. We have had some good times and some sad times lately.

July 29th- Walker got to leave the NICU. We were there 3 weeks and were very excited to leave and head back to Tennessee as a family.

The next week we organized the house and worked on getting everything ready for Walker.

August 3rd-5th- We attended a marriage retreat at Opryland. Our first mini vacation with little Walker and it was a blast. We always love staying here and enjoying time together. Jon and I got to go on a date night Saturday night and we enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The Old Hickory Steakhouse is so yummy and it was nice to just be together. Sunday we checked out and did some shopping at Opry Mills Mall.

August 8th- Walker turned one month old. Wow that went fast! He had his check up that day and was doing really well and growing like a weed!

August 15th- Walker had his circumcision done and he did well.

August 17th-21st- We went to Gatlinburg to celebrate Jon's Birthday. What a fabulous trip! We did a lot of shopping, called and fed a LOT of ducks, did some swimming, and hung out as a family. We went to the Aquarium one day and walked downtown Gatlinburg that afternoon. We ate a lot of yummy food while we were there also. We had breakfast at the Apple Barn to start the whole trip off and it was so yummy!

August 22nd- My 6 week baby exam and everything looked great. I am healing a little slower than normal and my doctor thinks my body was not ready for little man to arrive so it is healing slower than normal.

August 22nd- Jon's Birthday. I cooked one of his favorite meals for him and we chilled at home. Nice evening at home as a family.

August 25th- Bravo Company had a Organizational Day that went great.

August 31st- Our families came up to celebrate Tyler's Birthday with us.

September 1st- Tyler's party got canceled but we took him to Chuckie Cheese with both sets of grandparents and he had a blast. He loved it so much and we all helped him get lots of tickets to get a fun prize. That night we had lots of yummy food and watched the kick off games of college football. Alabama's game went much better than Auburn's game but you win some, you lose some.

September 3rd- Tyler Turned 3!!! WOW. Hard for me accept that my baby is 3. He is growing up fast and is such a sweet little guy.

September 4,5, & 6- We spent as much time together as a family and soaking up as much time as we could with Jon.

September 7th- Jon Deployed! My heart was completely broken and my bubble was busted. I can not wait to have my soldier back home with us. Let the 9 month countdown begin.

September 8th- Jon's Mom and I took both boys to the Nashville Zoo. We had a great time and Tyler loved seeing all the animals.

September 8th- Walker is 2 months old! 

September 10th-Tyler's 3 year check up and Walker's 2 month check up. Mary Ann went with me because both boys had to get shots. We were there for a long time but it was a good appointment. Both boys were growing and I have two short little boys.

September 13th-17th- The boys and I drove to Alabama! We had a great couple days back home. Walker got to meet a lot of people that were all dying to see him. We visited both my grandmothers and had a fun lunch with all my dad's side of the family on Sunday. Lolli & Pop Pop and Grandma & Grandpa had lots of fun time playing with Tyler and Walker. We also had a fun lunch with a friend on Friday, too.

September 18th- Tyler started preschool!!! He goes two days a week for 3 hours. He loves it and I am loving the little break from two kids.

Okay, I think you are caught up! I will post some pictures soon of all our fun!

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