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Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Hello, Friday!!!! I love Friday because it means that it is almost the weekend! Time for much needed family time and a little rest! WooHoo!!! I am trying to get back into blogging so I am going to begin linking up to Five on Friday from The Good Life Blog.

The link up is easy just write about 5 things you like, love, hate, interest you, that you are thinking about, etc. Then link it each week back on The Good Life Blog.

One: Disney World

Our children's big gift for Christmas is a trip to Disney World. We are going in the spring and Jon and I are so excited. Our family of 4 at Disney for 8 days and 7 nights and I can not wait to see the boys faces on Christmas morning when they find out.

Two: Auburn
AU car decal. Want!
In the south Saturdays are for football! I love me some Auburn football in bad seasons or great seasons!!!! I am so proud of those guys this season!!!! They are doing fantastic! I am hoping for the huge upset next week for the big rival game! Yes I am married to a Bama fan and yes we will see each other game day. Hopefully I am ending the night with a huge smile on my face. Wait, that statement might get me in trouble! Oh well, I like to live a little dangerous! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!

Three: Thanksgiving
I can not believe next week is Thanksgiving!!! This year has flown by! I love Thanksgiving and it makes me sad that everyone seems to be skipping it this year and celebrating Christmas for three months. It is a low key, family time, holiday for me. We eat yummy food, fellowship with each other, and no one is expected to bring gifts or spend a fortune. It is also a great time to be reminded of all that we should be thankful for. For my family, God has truly blessed us and I am so thankful! I have a wonderful husband and two miracle babies what more can a girl ask for? I am ready to eat some ham (sorry I know it is turkey day but I do not like turkey.) and yummy casseroles and remember what all God has blessed us with this year.

Four: Christmas Shopping
We are done minus two people. DONE!!!! Last weekend we took a date night and hit the town ready to finish our Christmas list. We found a lot of items on Amazon for way cheaper so we hit the buy button while standing in another store but it was a nice evening out with each other and we did manage to find some fun things for the kiddos and everyone else on our list. We LOVE Christmas but I do not like the crowds and it is very hard to shop with two kiddos. Also it use to be easy to pick up little items when Tyler was younger but you can not hide anything from him now. I have tried both items are now in the tub where he last played with them. It was a complete failure. He is noisy like his momma! We are in trouble when he gets older. HA!

Five: Purse

I am dying for this bag. I have wanted it for months now. I love the style, I love the size, I just love everything about it. I still carry a diaper bag everyday but boy oh boy do I love this bag.

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