Monday, August 18, 2008

ABC Softball

Yes I do realize I am still way behind on blogs! I am trying to get everyone caught up and us too! After going on The St. John family vacation in Destin we went back to Anniston for a few weeks to visit. While we were there ABC was still playing in there softball tournament. Jon had been trying to come home Spring to participate and now he was finally able too! He was super excited! He geared up and got ready! The first night turned out to be a double header due to us winning the first game! It was very exciting win! Sadly we lost the second game! The next game we were out of town again but we were able to make it back for the Championship game! The team we were playing had not lost so we would have to beat them twice to win but we were ready! We won the first but lost the 2nd but good news is we won 2nd in the tournament! GO ABC!!!! Heres a few pictures of the fun!

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