Monday, August 18, 2008

In the middle of June we decided to go to Virginia to see Jon's cousins wedding! It was a great trip! We went up on Friday to get there for the rehearsal dinner! It was at this very cute little restaurant called Gibble's! It was great to see the family! Most of the had not seen Jon since before Iraq and several since our wedding!

After the rehearsal dinner we went to Jon's grandmothers house to stay for the night! Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast we Jon's Aunt and his parents. It was great! After breakfast we went to the Hagerstown Park which is wonderful and walked around for a little while.

Leaving the park we went to go see Jon's grandmother in the nursing home! She is the cutest little old lady and really enjoy everytime I get to go see her! It is the first time Jon had been able to see her in a few years! We took her some presents and got to send around and talk with her and spend quality time!

Around 3 we had to leave to go get ready for the wedding. The wedding was a great ceremony! The Bride and Groom looked so happy and in love!

Afterwards the Bride and Groom left in a limo and the wedding party left in fire trucks. Very Cute! We took some family photos and left for the reception!

It was beautiful!

We got our appetizers and salads and waited for the Bride and Groom and wedding party to arrive! Once there we had our meal and did all the traditional wedding stuff! It was a great party! After some dancing we had to leave to drive to Virginia that night!

We arrived at one of Jon's dads sisters house late that night and and went straight to bed. Sunday Morning we got up and went to Church with the family and then we had lunch at this great little buffet restaurant. Almost all of the St. John family was there! It was great to see all the family! What a busy crazy weekend packed full of family and fun!

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