Monday, August 18, 2008

Pensacola Beach 08

The Last week of our block leave we went to Pensacola, FL. It is a huge tradition in the Fair Family! We go the week of the July 4th every year! We just love it there! On Friday Jon, my parents and me all loaded up in the big red truck, that was packed way past what it is suppose to hold, and headed to Pensacola! We could not get into the condo until Saturday but we had booked a hotel for the night! Anthony, Carrie, and Ansleigh were headed to Pensacola on Friday as well with plans to stay with Anthony's brother and his family. After check in we waited for a phone call from them and then decided to go get dinner! After dinner we went to the hotel to wait to see if we were going to get to see them later. Man was it a night! We picked the wrong hotel and no one got any sleep! But Saturday proved to be much better with a great start! We started out with breakfast with the family! We met Anthony, Carrie, and Ansleigh and all of Anthony's family at this great little restaurant!

After breakfast Jon, Mom, Dad and me drove to the condo! Man what a site! It is our favorite condo ever! It was absolutely beautiful and very roomy! It worked for our family perfect! The Ocean was beautiful as normal and we had a great pool, indoor and out! We unloaded the truck and started putting stuff away in the condo! After unpacking we went to lay out by the pool!

When Anthony, Carrie, and Ansleigh arrived we got them unloaded and then walked down to the Boardwalk to get some dinner! We ate at this really good mexican restaurant! Ansleigh was treat! She played the game who wants to hold me while you eat game! I think it is cute but I am sure her mommy would like her to stay in the high chair! After dinner we walked back to the condo and then Mom, Dad, Jon, and me went to Wal-mart to get all of the groceries for the week! Wow what a trip! It poured when we loaded all the groceries in the truck so were all wet! But we got what we needed plus some and headed back!

The Sunday morning Ansleigh woke up early and went to visit Lolli and Pop so Mommy and Daddy could sleep in! She enjoyed playing with them and chewing on their hands! Then it soon came time for the morning nap and she fell asleep in her swing! She loves that thing! After nap was bottle time and then Ansleigh played in her new walker while we got ready for the beach! While all this was going on Jon and Dad went fishing out in the ocean most of the morning!

On the way to the ocean we decided to go to the pool for a while! It was a little cold for Ansleigh but she got used to it and had a great time splashing and kicking! Jon and Dad came back from the beach and everyone played in the pool until and nasty thunderstorm blew up! It was crazy! It was blowing all the pool furniture all around and even into the pool! We hung out on the balcony and watched and Ansleigh took her afternoon nap!

Monday Jon, Anthony, Dad, and me all got up super early and drove to Orange Beach to go deep sea fishing! We all had super fun and while we were fishing Carrie, Mom, and Ansleigh did some shopping at the boardwalk!

The next morning was the same Ansleigh woke up and had her bottle and played then she played in her swing until she fell asleep! She is so cute! Today we were going to the beach! The boys had set up our tent and we were ready! Getting Ansleigh was always fun she hated the sunscreen! We went to the beach and played in the water, through the frisbee, played in the sand and relaxed in the sun! Ansleigh later that night had to have a bath and her Lolli and Pop gave her one in her big ducky tub!

Wednesday morning was typlical! I cooked Pancakes for breakfast and Ansleigh had her first pancake she ate a little bit of her tiny pancake! We all sat around for a while and then for Lunch we took Carrie and Anthony out to eat for their birthdays! So we went to Hemmingways! It was great and we had a great time! Lolli and Pop babysat little Ansleigh-bug! After lunch we did a little shopping and then walked back to the condo! We played in the pool a little and then it was time to get ready for our Annual Family Pictures at the beach!

The Family Pictures will show up in another blog! Thursday rolled around and Anthony's family were on there way to spend the day with us! We Spent the day playing at the beach and then the pool and then we had dinner all together at all of our favorite places, Flounders! Well maybe not Ansleighs yet she got a little fussy and hot but we took turns passing her around and she survived!

Friday was going to be another exciting yet long day! Happy Fourth of July! Lolli and Pop started it off by feeding Ansleigh cookie for breakfast! Funny Right! She loved it! (No chocolate though) Later Anthony's family came over to spend the day with us! We went to the beach for a while and then we went to the pool to hang out! The pool was interesting it was so crowded and people were coming from everywhere to our pool! Not Cool! But we still had a lot of fun! The kids played and had fun the boys all played Frisbee on the beach and in the pool! Ansleigh decided that she liked the sand and the ocean finally! Yeah!

Saturday was horrible we had to pack up and leave! Mom and me both cried leaving! It was sad vacation was over and we had to leave Ansleigh and her parents! Sad!

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