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Monday, September 29, 2008

Trying to Catch up

Yes I know I am way behind! I have many blogs to catch up on! Hopefully I can get them updated so then I can post what is going on now! I left you last with our Fair Family Vacation in Pensacola July 4th week! Wow what a great week can we just back to there! Maybe that is why I have not caught up! LOL! The next week Jon had to go back to work full force and it has not slowed down yet!

In that first week back our battallion got a new commander YEAH!!! They are a awesome family and we are blessed to have them be a part of our unit! We had our Change of Command Cermony that week and it went great! We said our goodbyes to The Kim's and our welcome's to The Laneve's! It was time for change! Change is good! We have a lot of changes in staff going on! Including Jon becoming XO of the company! A great step for his career even though it is a lot of work! (AND THE HOURS STINK)

Also that first week me and a few other ladies hosted a baby shower for our former XO's wife! She is fantastic and has done so much for us so we wanted to do something for her. She had already delivered her precious little boy Wilson Roller Wilson so it was a meet and greet! We had such a great time with everyone and she got some precious little gifts.

That first weekend Jon and I decided to spend some quality time together and went to the movies and then we found out that we actually have a putt putt golf place! Who knew? We sure didn't but we had fun playing!

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