Monday, September 29, 2008

The Next New Adventures

The second week back was just as busy and turned out to be pretty ruff week! For those who do not already know Jon and I had been thinking that we were pregnant since April and was having trouble getting a test to say yes but I was having tons of symptoms including my rapidly growing belly! Well during block leave at the beach I finally got a test to say yes but until we had bloodwork we were not really telling anyone but family. So we went back and well everyone at Fort Bragg is pregnant or thought they were pregnant and it took forever to get in when I went the first time my test came back negative but having a friend who was a nurse at one of the clinics and could feel my uterus thought maybe there was a mistake with the lab work and sent me for several other test! With these tests I found out that I was pregnant but that I had miscarried. Now what was wrong with me and what was going on. At the time I was 18 weeks but they believe that I miscarried around 12 weeks but they are not sure why my body had not bled any. So at another doctors appt they did a sonogram and ultrasound to check out my body! Fun Stuff! There was still some leftover but not much so no DNC! Thank God I did not want to have that at all! But they took 8 viles of blood to see what was wrong and I passed out of the lab guy! But that is another story I tried to tell him! And a few days later I found out that I have severe hypothyroidism and that is what caused the miscarriage! So they gave me a little pill to take for the rest of my life and then they gave me hormones to get the other started. So after a few weeks I started feeling a little better and guess what I am late which turns into two weeks late and three weeks late before I get an appt and lab work done! But no baby but my thyroid is still not what it needs to be so they changed my medication and here we are now trying to figure out what is going on still. Keep me in your prayers! I have severe headaches some days that have actually caused me to pass out a few times! They will not do anything till after I have a thyroid ultrasound done, which is scheduled for Oct. 7th so hopefully we will find out something after that and hopefully this new medicine will start to kick in!

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