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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

August 2008

Well Jon and I had ended up being able to spend a whole week in Myrtle Beach for my Birthday and we had such a blast we decided to take a long weekend and go in early August for Jon's early birthday! I booked us a room at one of the resorts located directly on one of the pier's so that Jon could fish till his heart was content! We shopped, fished, suntanned and relaxed! What a trip! We saw so many interesting things off of the peir Jon caught a 4 ft shark but lost it before getting it on the pier! We saw a sea turtle that was really cool and a good size. Later in the day everyone was basically trying to lure the sharks to catch them and they were everywhere! Kind of scary and it certainly kept me out of that water! That pier was not that far out! Yikes! But all in all we had a wonderful weekend and was once again sad to see it go! :(

The next weekend my parents came up to visit us! I was super excited! My poor parents had never been up when I didn't have something for them to do! We had a great weekend! Me and Mom went shopping and Dad and Jon went Fishing! We also were able to go out to eat with Jon for his Birthday! To Sum it up it was such a fun weekend!

The next weekend The Diggs got to come visit us finally. Leah had been able to come visit just me but never as couples! But we had a great weekend with them also! They came up on a Thursday afternoon because Jon had off Friday, which worked out perfect because it was his birthday! On Friday Jon decided he wanted to show them the Airborne Museum and we had a great time! Mike and Leah were also able to see some family and we were able to have some great fellowship together! Thanks for coming to visit! We had a blast!

Okay to keep on with the craziness the next weekend we decided to drive to Anniston to go see all the family! Wow! We drove home on Thursday when Jon got off! What a long drive we didn't get there until after 2am there time! (Which is after 3 our time) The next morning we slept in a little then we got up and got ready to renew our license and then off to Prattville and Birmingham! Jon's parents were taking him to the Bass pro shop and then out to eat! We had so much fun at the Bass Pro Shop! I was able to buy some Christmas gifts and Dad's birthday gift and Jon got his birthday gift from his parents. We also played with the shooting games and Jon and his Dad had a lot of fun shooting at all the targets! Afterwards we went back to The Summit and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! It was fantastic! Saturday was an exciting day for us! Jon and Dad were taking the boat out fishing and Jon got to use his new rod and his others that he brought on the trip. While they were fishing Mom, Nana, and Me went to the salon while I got my hair cut and then out to lunch with the girls! We had so much fun! Later while the boys were watching football Mom and I went back out shopping! I miss that so much still! Sunday after Church Jon's parents had The Diggs and some of there friends from college over for lunch and we had an amazing afternoon! The food was wonderful and everyone had a great time fellowshipping together! Church was also amazing we miss everyone there so much! Also Saturday night I got to meet Jamie and her new little one (well she doesn't call him a little one)! But I was so excited to meet little James! I finally got to give her her baby shower gift and he loved it! We gave them a Bumbo and he thought he was such a big boy sitting in it!

Well I guess this sums up August leaving out some of the crazy details!

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