Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fort Huachuca

So Fort Huachuca is a so different from anywhere I have ever been! We are enjoying it though! We have seen so much wild life out here! We see deer everywhere! Including our neighborhood, our neighbors backyards, and on the street everywhere! We saw a actual roadrunner! It was blue and amazing! We have seen boar, wild cows, Longhorns, Eagles, Turkey Vultures, HUGE Crow, I have a woodpecker who lives on the power poll outside my house, and many other birds. Last night we had a wild pig (It has another name but can not think of it at the moment) get into our trash can. Thank goodness only one bag and my sweet husband cleaned it up!

Our View here is amazing with all the beautiful Mountains! I have never seen anything like it! Also everything here is so super dry! No Grass they put rocks down instead! Some backyards have grass but ours does not. It took Mocha some real getting use to! We have a fantastic courtyard on the front of our house and it is Mocha's favorite spot. She stays out there almost all day!

Our first weekend here of course hubby had to find somewhere to fish so we drove about 20 minutes on the back side of the post where there is a beautiful lake! We have revisited there a few times now!

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