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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

32 Weeks

So today I am 32 weeks today! Wow I have no idea where the time went by! We are getting so excited for a sweet little boy to get here! We have almost everything we need and we feel so blessed to have sweet family and friends that helped us get that way! It is still so exciting to go look at baby stuff! I just love it!

I am going to back up a little to catch everyone up!

31 Weeks

I skipped 31 weeks and I am sorry! The last week has been the hardest week of my pregnancy so far. The day I turned 31 weeks I got to go to the hospital to take my 3 hour glucose test. My dear sweet neighbor went to sit with me and make sure I was okay! Thank goodness! It helped with time so much! The drink did not bother me that much but getting stuck in the same arm 4 times was not that fun! Man I was starving when it was time to leave and so we went to eat lunch and man I was glad she drove! I was feeling weak! Thursday while I was out running errands I got a phone call from my doctors office to let me know that my levels were elevated and they were sending me to a nutritionist.

Friday morning got even better when my doctor called to tell me how off my tests really were. He told me that all 4 of my tests were abnormal and that he was going to start me on insulin and that I would have to start monitoring. They were trying to send me to the diabetic education center and would let me know when it was approved. Also my thyroid was starting to get low and I had to change my prescription to that as well! He wanted me to come pick up my all my prescriptions that afternoon. I cried almost all afternoon! My pregnancy hormones made all of it worse! I picked up all my prescriptions and had to take them to the hospital on post to get them filled and I was at the counter for forever! I had to get so much stuff! I needed a meter, strips, lancets, needes, insulin, a needle container, and my thyroid medicine. I had two big grocery bags leaving the hosptial! It looked like I was dying!

All weekend I read as much as I could and tried my best to follow what I know about the diabetic diet. I got a great book on gestational diabetes that I read all day Sunday! I really want to get this under control and do what is best for my baby and my health!

Monday I waited for my doctors office to call with my referral and the diabetes center called to tell me that the request was going to be denied because they were only a nutritionist and there was one on post and ask did I want to pay to come see them or what. I told them I would call my doctors office. They already knew Tricare had denied it but they had not called to inform me! So I was asking about the one on post and well to say it simple! Thank goodness my neighbor was with me because she took me and showed me where it was so I could walk in and make myself a appointment! I am glad I went in because they have a two week waiting list and because I was almost 32 weeks and moving in 2 weeks they worked me into a cancellation yesterday! Thank goodness. Something going was going right!

Tuesday was a busy day! Some of this does not have to do with my pregnancy but some does! I slept late and was woke up by a great phone call that everything had been approved for us to get the house at Fort Campbell! Yeah! Now to get ready really fast because we had to be at the Transportation office at 8! We got our packing and loading days scheduled and found out that they had messed up Jon's orders! Fabulous!!! So off to take Jon to work so he go back to class and get his orders fixed! Then I had to go to to my Nutrition appointment! Wow, what can I say about her! Yikes! I was truly disappointed! I wish I had someone like my Mom's nutritionist. I did learn some things and she did give me some paperwork!

32 Weeks

Wednesday I turned 32 weeks! What a blessing! Time has flown by! 8 weeks left!

Thursday started out going to be a long day and ended up being a very long eventful, stressful day! At 1:20 I had a appointment with my PCM to teach me how to do my insulin shots. Of course they took my vitals and my BP was 132/80, which is a little high. Then it was time to get to business! She was wonderful! We layed out all my stuff and and spread out! She tought me how to fill up my needles with the types of Insulin I am on and how to inject them! She let me ask all my questions and I actually felt better. Next was my regular Dr.'s appt at 3:40. First off as usual we weighed. I have now gain 19 pounds! YIKES!!! Then we went to go take my BP I was thinking it would be similar to the last appointment, boy was I wrong, it was 179/89. Then we listened to Tylers heartbeat which was 180, pounding away like it normally does. So today I had appointment with my NP so when she came in I was expecting an examination and a chance for me to ask all my millions of questions but instead I was told I had to go to labor and delivery for a Non Stress Test and several other tests. I was freaking out! She left to call the hospital and I cried my eyes out! When she came back I tried asking some questions I had but was being rushed out to go straight to the hosiptal! I tried texting husband and he didn't respond so I tried calling him and still was not a success! So off to the hospital by myself I went! I called my Mom and Mother-in-law on the way! I didn't even know I was going to have to check in! So I walked to Labor and Delivery and then had to walk back to the front to check in. They were having a heartache because I was not preregistered for Labor! I am not having my baby at this hosipital so of course I am not pre-registered. Well needless to say I am now! I had to feel out a ton of paperwork then they wheeled me back to L&D triage room. On my way I had finally talked to my hubby and my Dad called to check on me well until I lost cell phone service! I had no idea what was going on and I was scaried to death. Thank goodness I had wonderful Triage nurses! A nurse came in to draw some blood and told me they were testing me for pre-eclampsia and while she was drawing my blood the other nurse was trying to calm me down and get some more information from me. Next they took my bloodpressure which was 147/80 now (Which is weird to me because I was so stressed and upset I would have thought it would have been way up there!) and then they hooked me up to the machine listening to baby's heartbeat and to my heartbeat. Not long the nurse came back and told me she had found someone that I wanted to see! Thank goodness Jon had got there! When she came back to check my results Tyler had been sleeping so they could not see what they wanted to see so we had to wake him up to get the results that they needed. Finally after a 1 1/2 we had what they needed and my bloodwork had come back all good so they were going to release me! Also my bloodpressure was 132/67. Being released also requires filling out paperwork and I had to schedule two NST a week. Finally I could leave! We were starving so we stopped on the way home to eat after calling the parents to let them know that Tyler and Me were okay!

Friday morning I was suppose to start my insulin but since I was rushed out I forgot to ask two questions my other doctor had told me to ask! So now I had to call about those and also to book my ultrasound for the next week! After that I went to the pharmacy to finally get trained on my meter! The rest of the day I spent trying to clean our house for my dear sweet husbands birthday! I got lots done but didn't succeed completely! I was exhausted by the time I had to go pick up the hubby! We came back home and did some more laundry and cooked supper! Jon worked on some schoolwork and watched some GI Joes cartoons that he got for his birthday from his brother!

Saturday was Jon's Birthday and well he wanted a lazy day so that is what he had! I cleaned some more and ran to the grocery store. For supper Jon wanted Grilled chicken sandwiches and green beans. I also baked him a red velvet cake because it is his favorite! He loved his dinner as did me and Kevin. I ate no carbs with my dinner so I could have a piece of cake! It was one yummy cake! After dinner we met his whole squad to go to the movies. Another movie that Jon loved and I not so much! Some parts were funny though!

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