Monday, August 31, 2009

33 Weeks

33 Weeks

Okay so I am almost a week late but it has been a crazy week! Last week started my twice a week Non-stress test, once a week ultrasounds and once a week doctors appointments! It was also my first full week of Insulin! Wow, what a week!

Monday I had my NST and it went very good! I am learning why they say put socks in your suitcase for the hospital because your feet will freeze off! I also have come to learn why they say they to bring your own pillow! Man oh Man are they thin and tiny!

Tuesday brought lots of drama! I was beginning to think that I was allergic to my insulin so I called the Dr's office to talk to them about it! Turns out I was (so they thought) allergic to the brand of insulin that they gave me so they were going to prescribe me another brand. I had to come in and pick up my new prescription. When Jon got lunch I took him back to work and then to the Dr's office I went. When I got there they pulled me to the back to make sure they were giving me the opposite brand and told me they had called on post to check if they carried that brand and was told they did. So back on post I go to the pharmacy! This pharmacy has the dumbest numbering system. They use A, B, C plus a number to call you to the pharmacy counter. A's are always soldiers and they get priority over everyone else. I got a C this time and they only had one counter open that was C's, great! B's had two counters open and were going super fast! I sat for a hour and a half waiting to go to the counter to be told that they didn't carry that brand. The little guy didn't believe me that my Dr's office had told me that they did. He even called. I was frustrated and tried to talk to him and he shut his window on me! Let's just say it was a good thing he did not open it back up and that the comment card box was empty or this pregnant lady would have been rude!!! I leave post to go to Walgreens, right beside my Dr's office. I get there and it is crazy, great! I was told there would be a hour wait and they would call my name when it was ready! First just let me mention that this Walgreen's is not that old but it was GROSS!! The floors were absolutely yuck and I would not even use the bathrooms they were so gross! Yes the pregnant, had to go, lady would not use them! UGHHH!!! Next a hour came and went and no call! I sat and sat by some lovely people (Note the sarcasm)! After 2 hours I got back in the long line to wait to see if my prescription was ready to find out that they were working on it and would call me in a few minutes! WOW!!! Jon calls and needed a ride home and I could not leave! I felt horrible! Man it tour my emotions up to leave my poor hubby stranded and his friends had already left. Thank goodness a guy from the next group that lives behind us took him home! Also at this point I should have had my insulin well over a hour ago and should have had dinner! My sugar was totally crashing and I still had not been called! So I get back in line and when I get up there it was ready and the lady told me it was a $150.00 I almost died! I started asking questions. One because with tricare it is only suppose to be nine dollars and two WOW! My Dr had put 5 months supply but the money was still off! I told them I only needed one for now which I was told I would have to wait for them to fix it. Thirty minutes later I get up there and it was nine dollars and I was exhausted, starving and ready to go! So Arbys is the first place I see so I grabbed food and drove home! In the door I was rushing so that I could get my insulin shot and wait my 30 minutes and eat! I open the bag to find that they only gave me one of my prescriptions and well I take two types of insulin mixed! I lost it in my husbands arms! I cried like I have not cried in a very long time which left him angry and ready to get someone! So I was going to go get the other and my husband convinced me at this point I needed to take the other brand and get my sugar up. Thank goodness one of us was rational! I took my insulin and grabbed my food and on my way to Walgreen's I go! I get there and the girl was wondering why I was back! I let her know they only did one! She felt bad and said it would only take a few moments she promised! She was right it didn't take super long about 15 minutes! Thank goodness! I got it and on my way home I ate my dinner!

Wednesday, I started the new insulin and was still itching! I was hoping the other was still in my system and I was going to have to wait a few days for it to leave for good! Otherwise it was a pretty good day! Got some things worked on for the move!

Thursday, still itching! Fun, Fun! Once again I have my NST, which went well! Next was my doctors appt. I had to take my meter and my records in for them to look at and I was actually running low so we made some adjustments to the amount of insulin I was taking. Next was my favorite part, my ultrasound! When he flipped the monitor on it was on Tyler's face! So cute he looks just like his daddy! It made me so excited to get to meet him! I can't believe how big he is getting and how much like a real baby he looks like! The rest was just checking to make sure I have enough fluid in there for him, which I had plenty of! The rest of the appointment was spent talking about the move! Yeah I was cleared to fly home! WOO HOO! I was going to anyway! Now there is no problems! HAHA

Friday, well I don't remember what happened but the weekend was crazy! We spent the whole weekend getting ready for the packers to arrive on Monday Morning! Lots of finishing going through stuff! More on packers in the next blog!

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