Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Review

So last Thursday I had my doctors appt. I was so excited because I was going to get to see my little guy. When I first got there I had to wait a little since he was really busy. This would be because there are/were two great doctors in Sierra Vista and one decided to go back in the Army and shut his doors so most of his patients are all at my doctor now! Fun right! I was told the Army will not even send you to either one of them in less you request them because so many do request them! Anyway, after they took me back was time for my least favorite thing. I hate getting weighed because I was so scared at what it is going to say. But so far the whole pregnancy it has been pretty nice to me. I had only gained 2.5 pounds since my last visit 4 weeks ago putting me at only gaining 16.5 pounds so far. So I am doing very good for my 2 goals. I have two because one is more of a reality and one is in my head! I would love to stay at 25 but my goal is not to go over 35, since anything over 35 is all yours! Next is normally bathroom time but they would not let me since I was having my ultrasound. :( I thought I was going to die with all the kicking he was doing. So anyway he pulled him up and he was so cute! He is getting so big! So they say he weighs in at 3 pounds and 11 ounces. I remember when he was the size of a bean and now he takes up most of my stomach other than all the fluid. His little feet were so cute and kicking the whole time! He is for sure going to have my lips and Jons face shape! I can not wait to meet him! After my lovely ultrasound I was getting yelled out because my doctor thought that I had forgotten to get my blood work done, which was a lie, so then I got a little slip of paper to have it repeated and he nicely tacked on some more! Fun right! Not so much! I hate needles!

So Friday morning I get up take hubby to work then come back home. I had not slept at all much the night before so I layed in the bed until the lab opened, well that was the plan anyway, I woke up at 8:30 and finished getting ready and went to the hospital lab. One of my test was my 1 hour glucose test, so I got my fruit punch flavored drink and had 5 minutes to drink it all! It did not taste bad at all it tasted like kool-aid that you got at Vacation Bible School when you were a little kid! LOL. The bad part was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair for the next hour. Then they called me back, and from my sheet I thought I was getting 4 viles of blood, BIG FAT WRONG! They drew 8 viles of blood! Yucky and I had to get stuck twice because the first arm would not bleed right. But the girl did really good and I did not even feel the other needle go in! So now I took our 30 days notice to vacate to housing! WOO HOO!! I was starving by now so I decided to go home and get a bite to eat and visit with my neighbor. After lunch I had to go to my doctors office to get a lovely shot! Fabulous right! WRONG Again! So I checked in and they brought me back and weighed me again and to my suprise I weighed 2 pounds less than the day before so now they have me at 14.5 pounds! My doctor said that was good because a lot of my weight is fluid retition because I still had swelling that day! The little nurse came in ask which hip and took my blood pressure! Next was the part I was not going to like but it turned out not to be bad at all! I even gave the nurse a laugh because I felt the pressure of her hand and ask was she done turned my head to see that she was and was shocked! I thought the medicine going in was the needle going in! NICE! So now time to go home and relax! Well I had told hubby I was going to cook a romantic dinner but was not feeling it and was exhuasted so I thought a nap would help! Well before I fell asleep he came home and we decided to go to pizza hut and to see GI JOE! What a awesome movie but they were playing it in our tiny, worse than dollar movie theatre! YUCK! It was so hot in there I almost got sick! I had to leave and go run my hands under cold water and was putting cold paper towels on my feet because I could not get my flip flops off! I cooled down a little and went with cold paper towels back in the movie and ate all the ice left in my drink and Jons drink. I though I wasn't going to make it I felt so sick and looked and there was only 5 minutes left so I survived. I walked so fast to the car and we had the AC on high! Crazy but a great movie! Hopefully next weekend we can go to Tucson and see it again in a good theater.

Saturday morning we slept in and then Jon went to the Gym and worked out and ran. We watched golf and mostly laid around. I went to Target to return a few things and then to Hastings and looked around. When I got home I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu, Green Beans, Carrots, Rolls and a Apple Crisp with Vanilla ice cream for dessert! So yummy! We also watched the movie "Firewall" it was really good but intense at times! Then time for bed again!

Sunday we slept really late, later than we planned! Guess we both needed it! We missed church and I cooked a egg casserole and we watched once again Golf! GO TIGER!! It was a great game today! After golf Jon went for a jog while I got ready for the pool! We went to the pool on post and it was fantastic! It was freezing though! Once in it was not bad at all but took a few minutes to get in! We swam so laps. I started with a kick board and went then I wanted to swim so I put it down and really learned how much this kid is cramping my lungs! WOW!!! But what great exercise and my belly felt so light! It was nice! We decided to come home and finish drying off in our chairs in the back yard and read in our books! Great day!

Now it is time to get ready for bed and back to the normal week activities!

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