Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Big Move

So as stated in the birth story the week Tyler was born we had all our things packed up and the movers came and loaded it all up! We had MUCH better movers this go around! Ft. Huachuca is great at taking care of there soldiers! You go to individual meetings about your move instead of a massive meeting filled with people all trying to do different type moves! Lots of Information learned! Lots for the many more moves to come and lots I had wished we would have known way before! Like you can tell them to leave your house past 9:00! They can not stay till 11:30 at night like mine at Bragg did it is against policy! Good to know for next go around!

Our movers were fast and careful and totally laughed at me! He teased me that I was going to have this baby and miss my delivery! How cruel of him and how right He was! He was laughing when we called to tell him what had happened and very concerned about all of our health! The moving company was great to work with! And did I mention we had our drivers cell phone so that we could check on our stuff anytime we wanted! Best ever! They even mailed Tyler a gift to our new address!

So While we were still in Arizona staying with Tyler our stuff arrived in Tennessee! Thankfully Jons parents could go up and meet them to get our stuff. Also very glad they went up the day before! When they got to our house there was a mix up in days with the reality company and there was no power or water! I was not happy and needless to say Jon and I spent hours sitting in the floor of the hallway trying to get the two turned on! Such a hassle! But they came out same day and turned it all on and In-laws were much happier and cooler.

The next day was a new experience for Jon's parents! The movers were there to unload and unpack. First the moving truck could not come down my driveway so they had to go rent a smaller moving truck and park and unload from the big to the little to our house. Crazy! They also learned how fast those numbers get called out and how fast you have to mark them off. I think it overwhelmed them a little. Everything got unloaded and checked off and was accounted for.

Next came the unpacking part! No matter how you explain it in less you have done a military move you will not understand! They just take everything out of the boxes and place it somewhere. I think it was bothering them and they thought it was going to bother me so they had them stop. But by the time I got there they had almost killed thereselves working on stuff! When I got there it was baby time. My parents and my mother-in-law was there to help with what ever was needed and we got started.

So much to do but after about a week most of it was done and we were buying shelving and organizing. Almost everything is put up and organized except we have not finished the basement yet .

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