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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tyler's Birth

I should updated this 11 weeks ago when he was born but life has been a little crazy and well I was just not sure how many people actually read it! I did not want to spend all this time updating if no one was reading but Me! I have plenty to do with my time! LOL!

I know a lot of you have been wanting to here the story of Tyler's birth so here it goes!

During the first week of September there was a lot going on! The packers were there Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday the movers came and loaded everything up. Now on to what you really want to hear!

Starting Monday I had a non-stress test at the hospital that went fine these were becoming normal for me. Tuesday night I woke up to the bed being wet and me being wet (I know truly believe this is when my water broke) and I freaked out! I got up and thought maybe I could have went to the bathroom on myself. Everyone and all my books said that it should smell sweet but mine smelled like urine and when I stood up it flowed harder than when laying down. Weird, but when I woke up the second time and it still just smelled like urine I decided that I was going to go take a bath. It stopped and I would only have some come out if I bent over during the day Wednesday. I had a doctors appointment that afternoon with a ultrasound to check my fluid already scheduled so I went and my doctor checked and said I plenty of fluid. I then told him what had happened (I was scaried to before the exam because I was scaried he would not let me go home) and he told me that his head was really low and was probably pushing on my bladder. So home I went! Thursday I was still having some leaking and I had another non-stress test that afternoon. During my stress test I had a bubble where Tylers heartbeat dropped below 20 then shot up above 200 it was very weird. The nurse said it could have been the machine but she had to call the doctor to let him know. He wanted me to stay a extra hour and to wear a contraction belt. No other bubbles and no contractions everything looked perfect. So I flew home and we finished loading the car and off to the airport we went. In the car I started getting some gas pains and I thought I was a little constipated. Normal in Pregnancy right! When we got to Phoenix we went to eat a Chick-fil-a and I told Jon I felt like I neaded to go to the restroom. When I got in there I still could not go and was hurting some. I was thinking in my head why now do I have to be constipated to get on a plane and fly home! Crazy! I went to eat my food and had two bites and got very sick at my stomach. (PS No one told me that labor would feel like constipation and that throwing up was a good sign!) So after eating we went to Bass Pro Shops so that Jon could around since we still had so long before our flight. I decided to lay in the back of the car hoping it would make me feel beter but after Jon left I got really hot and the pain was getting more intense and I really was feeling like I had to go so I went in to the restroom. Man was I feeling it in there. Jon called to check in on me and I let him know I was in the bathroom now and was still feeling bad. After laying in the floor in the bathroom in the most pain I had ever been in in my life I decided that I might be in labor. I left to go find Jon and did not make it far when I stopped at a table with some shirts on it double over. Jon called looking for me but found me when he called. I told him I thought I was in labor and I needed to go to the hospital. I was really upset that we were going to miss our flights. Jon reassured me that we were not and he was going to go find out were the nearest hospital was and we would just go and let them check me out. (HA HA) When he started walking away I tried standing up which did not work out so well and yelled to tell him he needed to call a abulence. When he got to the front they told it would be the fastest anyway. I walked up to the front and was really feeling it now. WOW was these contractions strong! The Medics got there fast and came in and started asking a million questions and hooking me up to a million things. They also started timing contractions which were a minute apart and a minute in duration. I was still in shock that this was happening and still believing I was going home! (LOL) They tried giving me a IV at the Bass Pro which did not work he could not get it in my vein (because they were way too constricted by this point). And need I mention this was with everyone that worked in the store watching and I hate needles and this was my first IV EVER!!! Well they loaded me up and off we went. Jon was following VERY CLOSELY behind! I could see his face through the window. On the ride they tried the other arm for a IV and once again no luck and decided to let the hospital try. When we got there they rolled me into triage, got me a gown, started getting information, and then let me go to the bathroom because I was dying. In the bathroom it was a horrible Jon was trying to help but I was climbing the wall. The nurse came in to check on me and decided they needed to check me out immediately. When she went to do my exam she pulled it out quickly because she could see hair. And I found out I was a +2 and the reason for all the pain was because I was feeling the transitional contractions that most do not feel because they start pushing at 10! Wowza! It clicked as we were rolling into the delivery room that this was really happening. My panic kicked in as I said it is probably to late to get any pain meds. My nurse laughed and told me I was fixing to blink and have a child and I was way past that point! Delivery went really fast and I have never seen that many people in a room before. I had a 7 person NICU team, my doctor, two nurses taking care of me, one going in and out to get things, one on a computer taking all my information and possibly more that I was not paying attention to. 12 minutes later I had my sweet son. He was so beautiful! I even got to hold him while they were giving me some of my stitches. It all went so fast! 34 minutes after the Medics arrived at Bass Pro I was going in to delivery and then 12 minutes later it was all over! WOW, so glad it all went so fast so that I did not have to think about it or the pain.

Recovery went well. After delivery I had the shakes and I was freezing cold but after an hour they were gone and they were moving me to my room. The hospital was so nice and they put us in the unit where pregnant women stay overnight for tests and other things so that I didn't have to listen to babies cry when not having mine. After getting to the room the rolled us up to the NICU so that I could really go and see my son! Jon went with him the whole time I was in recovery for the most part. Also during Recovery we had to call Delta to try to cancel our flights so that we didn't go on the terriost list and so we could get credit for them. It was Crazy, Crazy night! I never had any complicatons and no pain after dellivery either. God is so good and really took care of us!

Tyler was such a trooper and a real blessing to us! I am so glad that we are all home now and doing so well!

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Kyle and Jen said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, Christina!! :)