Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craftey Cups

So for weeks now I have been preparing for little Tylers Birthday party and I have been on the search for the perfect everything! His theme is Mickey Mouse but I did not want it to be cheezy at all. So I have been searching for the perfect plates and perfect cups. Plates I had settled on the square solo brand plates because they would be sturdy and the plates would not sag at all. Well the cups I was struggling finding what I wanted. This was getting frustrating to me, then my Mom saw a idea to use the vinyl on party punch cups. She was referring to cups for the baby shower but I decided that I would do the same for Tylers party.
So yesterday I got on my cricut and started cutting away. I cut out Mickey Mouse heads and stuck them to party tumblers! They are so cute and perfect. I also got caught up in how easy peasy it was to cut them out and stick them on stuff and added them to my red solo plates. They are so adorable!

In this process I also cut out enough sailboats to put on party punch cups and the clear party plates for the baby shower we are planning.

So the next time you are struggling with what to use you maybe you can get crafty and make up what you want to have too!

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The Perfect Trio said...

these are all amazing!!! i need to pull my cricut out...that's been sitting IN THE BOX since christmas.