Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beach-Day 1

The Beach- Day 1

Friday afternoon we loaded my dad's large truck and very soon realized it was not all going to fit. We were able to borrow Jon's parents tow hitch trailer and bag and finish loading everything up. We were all so excited to be headed to the beach. It took us around 5 hours and we were so excited to arrive. When we got here we checked into our hotel for the night and then decided to head over to see the water. It was so pretty. We were all tired and hungry so we stopped at McDonald's to grab a quick dinner and headed back to the hotel. Tyler decided it was play time and ran all over the hotel room. He climbed on the bed and off the bed. Around 11:30 Jon finally made him lay down with us and he laid for a little while then he was back up. Sometime after midnight he finally could not fight it anymore and feel asleep. Thank goodness!

Saturday morning Tyler woke us all up at 5:45 am. That kid! He played around a little and let us all lay around till about 7 then he was ready to go. My dad took him downstairs to eat while the rest of us were getting ready. Then Jon and I went down to breakfast and we brought back my Mom some food. After checking out we came on over to the island to explore. Tyler feel asleep on the way. He was so tired after his wild night. We stopped in a store and got him a blue angel airplane and a cute t-shirt. Pop and Tyler stayed in the car. Then we just drove down the beach for a little while. We decided to stop and get out and see the water when Tyler woke up. He was very afraid of the sound of the ways and did not like the sand stuck to him. We decided we would have to work on that.

After our little stop on the beach we were not far from the condo so we decided to stop and see if we could check in early. We were thrilled when they gave us the keys at 10:30! WOO HOO! We had no idea what we were going to do until 3 pm. So we went to the room and unloaded the truck and started putting things away. Tyler was loving the condo! It is huge! HUGE! He has a lot of room to run like a wild man. He loves have a giant balcony he can run around on and see the bay on one side and the ocean on the other end. We got all the suitcases unpacked, I made chicken salad, we ordered pizza for lunch and I chopped onions and bell peppers for meals for the week. Then my sister and her husband called and they were almost here. We unloaded them and then us girls all went grocery shopping. We went to Publix over Walmart. Great decision. I picked up some fresh gulf shrimp and some prime steaks to cook for dinner plus everything we needed for the week.

When we got back the boys met us to help unload all the groceries and drinks. When we came in we put all the groceries away and I got stuff out for dinner. Jon cooked steaks and shrimp skewers on the built in grill and I cooked green beans and had fresh corn on the cob. We found out really quickly that the stove top gets hot super slow. The food on the grill was almost done and the corn was not even to a boil. Boo. We had some canned corn so mom made some fried corn in the skillet. It was all so yummy. For dessert I made crescents with nutella inside. So good.

After dinner we went over to the beach. Ansleigh had not got to go over to the beach so she was dying. Tyler did better this trip. We left his crocs on so that helped. He walked straight to the water. Pop Pop and Jon held his hand and everything became so fun for him. He was walking into the water, picking up seashells, and playing in the waves. So cute to see him playing in the ocean. Not afraid any more! He does not like the wet sand still on his feet or his hands. When we were leaving he was dying to get off Jon's shoulder so he put him down and he screamed till we could get him to the shower to wash his feet back off! He is so funny! Ansleigh was afraid on the water washing on her also. She warmed up as well but she had a blast filling her bucket up with with sand and dumping it out.

When we got back both the babies needed baths and Tyler was past tired. We put them in the large tub and he started screaming when we washed his hair. Pop Pop got him out and we dried him off and put on his pajamas and off to bed he went.

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