Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Day 2- Flounders

Beach Day 2- Flounders

After Fishing we came back to the condo and ate a few quick sandwiches. We were all starving. Anthony's family all came over to join us for the evening as well. Most everyone went down to the pool for a little while! The kids were all doing so good swimming. We bought Tyler a swim vest before coming down that has 10 removable pads in front and 10 removable pads on the back. We had to remove all the front ones it was to much flotation for him. He was also able to tread water a little all by his self. (With back vest on.) He was loving jumping in the pool also. He is a fish in the water! Ansleigh did really good also. She was kicking up a storm! After pool time was over we all came up got showers and got ready for the night.

That night we all had plans to have dinner together at Flounders. It is our favorite place to go eat! It is one of the best beach restaurants I have ever eaten at! The back is open to the bay and has beach volleyball courts set up and a large playground. We had a perfect table at the back and right beside the playground. We were able to let the kids play while we ordered food and got ready. My dad and Jon helped Tyler play and he ran and ran and went down the big slide 200 plus times. He loved it. All of our food was very yummy as usual! If you are ever in Pensacola you have to come eat at Flounders.

After Dinner to celebrate Tyler being 22 months we all ate ice cream and Carrie, Anthony, & Ansleigh gave Tyler his early birthday present. He was so cute and pulled everything out of the bag one piece at a time. He loved his gift and was very thankful to them! We can not wait to get home and put all his pirate things in his room!

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