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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach Day 2

Beach Day 2

We all woke up early to get ready to go on a boat ride. Dad had promised to take Ansleigh and wanted to take Tyler out fishing. We drove 45 minutes to Orange Beach, AL to set sail. We got bad news when we arrived that we had too many people. Anthony and Carrie decided they would stay back. We loaded up and the boat took off to sea! Ansleigh started out a little afraid but warmed up very soon. Tyler feel asleep before getting out of the marina! He was knocked out! So funny! We stopped at first shot and Jon caught a red snapper that was a keeper but we throw him back. Next Dad was on and had a great size snapper, Jon followed with one the same size! We were all getting excited. Well everyone except Tyler because he was still dead asleep! I started fishing and caught some that we throw back. Next thing we see is Jon's reel completely bent over. He was on for a fight. Jon reeled in a Huge Snapper! Largest snapper we have ever caught! Next I got me a good size one and look up and here Jon is on another giant snapper! Overall all three of us was catching large snapper and having the best time. Tyler finally woke up and needed to hold a fish. He found a bait fish and was so excited. Also because Tyler was holding a fish Ansleigh had to hold one, even though she didn't like it. Kids are so funny sometimes! This was the best fishing trip we have ever been on and it was just a short trip to take the kids! We are headed out on a 8 hour trip on Wednesday. Thanks Daddy for making this happen! It was great and we really enjoyed ourselves!

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