Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Day 3

Beach Day 3- Happy Fourth of July

We started out the day off with Overnight French Toast. It was gross. If you make it leave the cream cheese out and use less eggs! We tossed what was left. Yeah it was not super tasty. After breakfast all the Friday's came back over and we all headed to the ocean. Dad and Jon had sent up our tent and taken the chairs over early that morning. Tyler decided to take a nap right after breakfast so my dad stayed in the room with him while he was sleeping. I had the best morning sitting with my toes in the sand and water while ready a great book. We all played in the ocean and the girls played in the sand. Around 1:00 we were all starving so we walked to the condo and had some yummy sandwiches. Tyler woke up not long after we got upstairs.

After lunch we all walked back down to the beach. Tyler did not like the sand but loved the water. He played in the water with his daddy for a little while then he stood on a quilt under the tent for a little while. Pop Pop came down and he played with him and Lolli in the ocean for a long time till Pop Pop took him back up to the room. Several played ladder golf and I continued reading some. It felt so amazing at the beach yesterday.

Around 4 we all came in to go to the pool. I went to the room to get Tyler and realized I needed to start cooking. I got the baked potatoes going, the fresh corn boiling as with the broccoli, and the steaks marinating. Jon grilled the steaks while I finished up dinner. I also made a red, white, and blue trifle. Rachel brought two lemon ice box pies and Diane made a pineapple casserole. All the food was so yummy! We all ate so much!

After dinner Jon was not feeling good and was running a fever of 103.2 and a bad headache so he laid down with a ice cold rag. The Fridays wanted some pictures of the kiddos together so we walked down the beach. We also needed to take the top off the tent. Tyler went to bed while we walked to the beach for pictures. We got some great shots and I was a little sad that my husband was sick and my son was asleep because I wanted some great shots of us also.

When pictures were over we hung out on the balcony waiting for the fireworks to begin. At 9 the big fireworks show on the island started as the City of Pensacola's show. We could see both. It was great. At 9:30 the resort where we are staying started a firework show. It was a good show. We all had such a great day!

I hope everyone else had a great Fourth of July and remembered the reason we were celebrating! I am so thankful for all our soldiers that fight everyday for our freedom and especially thankful to all the ones that paid the ultimate price so that we can live the lives we do!

God Bless the USA!!!!

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Linda Morris said...

I enjoyed reading about your vacation and seeing the pictures,and I hope Jon will be okay. Thanks for sharing, Linda Morris