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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Weekend getaway

Okay so some people save for big vacations and some like to go on tons! Ha! Last weekend was not actually a vacation it was a getaway. Army life is crazy and we like getaways! Jon was itching to go to a state park foe a weekend. We looked at going to Monte Sano outside of Huntsville, AL but then we saw a ad for Fall Creek Falls in TN. Fall Creek Falls is located off of I40 between Nashville and Knoxville and they were having a holiday festival. So we called and made reservations and then loaded up on Friday afternoon and drove a little under three hours away. When we got there we checked in at the inn and went to see our room. It was clean and nice, needs to be updated some, but nice. The parking lot was slammed so we parked on the curb like many others and unloaded. The inn was having tons of festivities so we decided to head up and check them out. Lots of nice craft booths set up and we grabbed a few Christmas gifts along with A Thomas the train pillow that Tyler could not live without. I also got some yummy homemade jellies. They had free hot chocolate and apple cider that all 3 of us enjoyed. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there but some little boy I know was not having it so we headed back to the room for bath and bed time.

Saturday morning we got up around 7:45 and got ready for breakfast. The Inn has a VERY good breakfast buffet and Santa and Mrs. Claus were making rounds. We had a nice table by the window so you could see the water. Tyler clung to his daddy with all he had when Santa came by all three times. He did better with Mrs. Claus but still did not like her. After breakfast we went to the room and grabbed a few things then headed to go see the Falls. Tyler rode in our backpack on Jon's back and even hikes a little on his own to give daddy a break but he was a little afraid and needed to hold both of our hands which was hard on the trail. The hike down we saw some beautiful sights and got some great shots. I was very sad not to have my Good Canon camera who is in the shoo recovering from a fall on concrete while at Disney. Thank goodness for insurance! Now the hike back up it was 52 outside and we were in the shade bit I was stripping layers of clothes I was so hot. I also learned I need to exercise way more. I only had to stop to rest once the entire hike up and down which I think is not to bad. The Falls were amazing! Amazing! Next stop we went on another short hike to see another fall that was a little smaller but in a different landscape. Tyler hiked down and back all own his own. He liked climbing on the rocks. He is like his daddy and does not like the easier parts of the trail. We stopped at a few more places then headed back to the room. Jon was hoping Tyler would nap so he could too but no such luck. I however took a long hot shower! It felt great. After i got ready we took Tyler to craft and story time the we walked down to the water for a few minutes then went back upstairs to find something to do till Tyler had a major tantrum in which we took him back to the room. Later in the afternoon we went on a walk around the lake. It was so pretty out and Tyler was loving walking around on his own. He stopped and played in the leaves, looked at the water, found him a stick to walk with, acorns to throw, you know all the boy things he could find. He was a very happy boy. He also got to play with some pinecones. After our walk we headed to dinner at the inn. They have a nightly buffet and a menu to order from. Jon got the buffet and loved it. Fried Chicken, barbecue ribs, fried catfish, prime rib and lots of veggies and sides. They also had a salad bar which is what I had. Tyler ate a little of some things and a lot of ketchup.

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