Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Wow what a busy weekend! After a long day Friday and a canceled Fundraiser Jon and I went out for Mexican which was wonderful! Afterward we ended up over at Greene's apartment! Boys will be Boys! And that is all I have to say about that! We went home early due to the face Jon was about to fall asleep!

Saturday we woke up to phone call we don't like and Jon had to go to work! YUCK!!! Well after all that yuck Jon came home and I cooked Lupper (Lunch and Supper combined). I cooked the Cheater Chicken Parmesan off of Thanks it was wonderful! Then I had to meet some of the Delta Girls to go Fund raise and Jon was back off to Greene's for some Football!

Well the Haunted Hercules was a disaster if you ask me! Not sure if anyone made a profit! They had it set up stupid to begin with! They gave every Brigade a 20x20 spot to set up in! For those of you who are not in the Army a Brigade is large and normally consists of 4 Battalions under it! Under the battalions are lots of companies! If you don't get the picture way to many people for a 20x20 space!!!! Man we got there we started the night out wrong because we were all already upset! We were like the Ghetto Company! (No Offense to anyone) We were told we would have a 20x20 spot for our battalion and since we were the only company out of our battalion we thought we had the whole space! When we got there we had to share with our whole Brigade! which was only suppose to be 3 company's but wow what a tiny space for 3 company's! One group ended up not showing up at all so in the end it ended up not being so bad! We did have fun talking and getting to see the little kids all dressed up! So that makes it good I guess! But it was not good for our FRG fund that we are trying to raise money for! Urggg!!!!

Sunday Afternoon we decided to go shopping a little bit! We went looking at some of the fishing stores and some of the military stores. Then we hit up Linens and Things to see what kind of deals they were having in there going out of business sale! But they are not desperate yet because it is not much of a markdown yet or so at least I don't think so! I went looking to see what there prices on the Calphalon Cookware prices were and the appliances! I am a kitchen and cooking girl! But they were only 10% off so I can get that price at the PX/BX already! So hopefully they will still have some when they mark down prices for real! But we had a great day walking around and talking together! We came home and cooked dinner together! Well actually Jon cooked most of it! I made the salad and french fries and Jon needed some more sweet tea so I made that and Jon made the chicken! It was great! Then we watched the movie 88 minutes together! It was pretty good but a little too intense for me in some parts! But Jon had fun laughing at me! LOL

Well that was are weekend! Pretty Busy but some of it was great fun and family time! Hopefully we will have a great week and a great weekend next weekend in Myrtle Beach!

PS I forgot I have some pictures of Mocha from last Thursday night when I got home Jon had dressed the Mocha up! Too Cute!

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