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Saturday, October 6, 2012



Lately my life has been a huge roller coaster of emotions. My family has had some hard times all in just a few days. We have had some good moments and the kids have done some sweet and cute things which I believe is what is keeping me going.

Last Wednesday it was a normal day at my house until I got a phone call from my mom. My Aunt Cricket had a stress test that morning and when they administer the chemical injection she had a allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock. It took them 12 minutes to find a epi pen and while preforming CPR her stomach went into her lungs causing them to collapse. She went without oxygen for to long and was in a coma and pronounced brain dead. I was sick to my stomach. I did not know what to do or what I could do but I knew I wanted to be home right then. I was very close to my Aunt Cricket and we were like her children. Wednesday night I worked on lining up everything so that I could leave and packed us and the loaded up the car.

Thursday morning we woke up and finished up a few things and the boys and I headed to Alabama. On the way home I found out that they were going to take my Aunt off of life support at 5pm. When I arrived in town the boys and I stopped first at the church to see Bob and Mary Ann. They volunteered to keep the boys so that I could go up to the hospital to be with my family. I was so thankful that I could go see my Aunt and spend the afternoon at the hospital with my family. At 5pm they came and got her two sisters and my dad and let them go back to see her. They could not watch it was too upsetting to them so they came out. We were all expecting her to take a few breathes and slip away but she hung on till Sunday night. Her last few days were so sad. She was so swollen and struggling with every breathe. It was so hard to watch. She was a wonderful women that helped everyone she saw. She would never tell anyone no.

Friday morning I got up and took the boys to go see everyone at my Mom's office and then went to Walmart to get a few things I needed. Then came by my Mom's office and got my grandmother's grocery list and her prescription refills. I made it a few minutes down the road when my Mom called and said that her cleaning ladies had found my Nana slumped over her toilet and something was wrong. I U-turned immediately and went to her home. Both of my boys were asleep in the car and I rolled the window down and ran inside to help if I could. This was the scariest thing I had seen in a long time. She was covered in blood and barely conscious. We had her trying to talk to us so that she would stay conscious. When the ambulance got there my dad took my boys to the house and I went with my Mom to the hospital. I helped make lots of phone calls and give the nurses information. My mom was shaking and nervous. No one knew what was going on and it was a scary feeling. I was afraid and worried. They cleaned her up and started running a lot of tests. We found out she had a upper GI bleed and that her cat scan and x-rays had all looked good. She was very dehydrated to the point they could not draw any blood. They had to take from her femoral artery in her leg. The finally got her a room in ICU and took us upstairs. They let us walk with them and said they would come and get us when she was settled in. That never happened but when visiting hours came we went back to see her and check on what was going on. After checking on her we headed home. Dad had reported Tyler was a Angel and Walker was a handful. HA! Walker likes to be held ALL the time.

The rest of the weekend my mom spent all day and night at the hospital until visiting hours were over. Sunday afternoon they moved my Nana downstairs and we thought she was starting to get better. I took both the boys by that afternoon to cheer her up. She loved getting to give them kisses. We also took the boys upstairs to see all our family that was sitting with Aunt Cricket. Sunday was my Dad's Birthday and Tyler had picked him out a cake. After dinner we sang Happy Birthday and had some of the yummy cake. While the boys were getting a bath Dad got the phone call that Aunt Cricket had went peacefully. He left and went to the hospital.

Monday morning my Nana was scheduled to have a picc line put in and they transferred her to the table and the table "Malfunctioned" and when they were trying to shove it to swivel they slung my Nana off of the table and no one caught her. My poor, already beaten up 83 year old grandmother was now truly beaten from head to toe. My mom was all by herself at the hospital. I got my in-laws to get the boys and flew to the hospital. Luckily my dad had made it there before me as did my Uncle Mike. It was not long before we got  to go back and see her. She looked so horrible. She has a huge chunk of her head missing, abrasions all over her body, chunks of skin missing and bruising ALL over. She was in a lot of pain and had to be back in the ICU now. Everyone went from upset, sad, worried, to MAD! I can not believe they dropped her off of a table. It was like a bad dream that would not go away.

Tuesday morning they decided not to try to do a picc line again but they needed to do the scope that never got done the day before and when they tried to sedate them she coded. They had to work on her for a full minute to get her back breathing and her heart back to beating. My Mom and Uncle could her in the hospital the code blue going off for the GI Lab and the room number and they new it was her. What a scary day. They let my grandmother rest for the rest of the day and decided she was to weak to do anymore test on her.

Luckily as the days went on she has improved and is off the ICU floor. She is starting to eat better and they have the therapist coming working with her. She is moving to rehab on Monday, hopefully.

God is Good! Thanks for all who have prayed for our family it was a hard week for all.

All this made me miss my husband terribly. It is hard to struggle and be sad without your spouse. I felt for him because he was away as well.

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