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Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend started off really rough. Friday night I was sick to my stomach. I woke up at 2:30 and got in the tub and the door to our bathroom flings open. I am almost jumped out of my skin but it was little Tyler. He was in tears so I got him to come give me a hug and talk but when he touched me he was burning up. So I got out of the tub and took his temperature and it was 102.9. My poor baby! I got him some Tylenol and we curled up in "mommy and daddy's bed" and I turned Disney Junior on and eventually we both fell asleep. When we woke up the next morning I took his temp and it was 101.5 so he got Tylenol again and I called the pediatrician's office and they wanted us at 9:15. I got both boys and myself ready and we headed out. By the time we got there Tyler seemed to be feeling better and had no fever. He was begging the doctor to go to the farm. She checked him out and ran some test which all came back negative but he did have a red throat. Tyler's doctor told him he could go to the farm so he was excited. We went to Ihop for the pancakes he was begging for then headed to Honeysuckle Hill Farm. That was the best pumpkin patch I have been too! We had a blast and I wish I had a lot more pictures from the day! It is hard to capture the memories when you are the only adult there. Tyler got to ride a cow barrel train, rope a cow, play on several playgrounds, duck race, ride a hay ride, pick a pumpkin out of a pumpkin patch, ride a pumpkin train, barrel run, corn maze, and got a caramel apple and popcorn! The petting zoo was amazing and the pigs were based off "The Three Little Pigs" it had one straw house, one wood house, and one brick house. So cute!!!! On the way out we got some mums and then headed home. Tyler and Walker took a nap on the way home and I cried. Having so much fun and making all these new memories without Jon is so hard. I wish he could have been with us! He would have loved it! 
When we got back in town we unloaded the car and worked on putting our mums on the porch. Walker was still asleep so I put him in the Mamaroo on "Car Ride" and he was sleeping away. Tyler helped me outside and played with his new toy gun and rode his bicycle. We also checked the mail and got some mail from Jon! Tyler was so excited as was I. Once it got dark Tyler played with his new light stick outside and then we had dinner and started our nightly routine.
Sunday we woke up and Tyler had been over 24 hours without a fever so we got ready and went to church All 3 of us enjoyed it and Tyler colored a very cool Veggie Tales sheet. After church we had lunch from Chili's and picked up some things from Lowe's for the yard then headed home for nap time. While both boys napped I made a caramel apple pie for home group. So easy and was so yummy. 


Jen said...

Tyler and Walker look so much alike it's scary! They are both adorable! :)

Sarah said...

Whoa...I wish I could get 1/2 that done.