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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Short trip to Nashville

Our short trip to Nashville was amazing! I got super brave and I took the boys for a weekend away! Friday morning we woke up, got dressed, and drove to Nashville! I had the whole weekend planned out even though most of the weekend did not go the way I planned! First on the list was to meet a friend of family for lunch. We got there early and she was running a little late. We went to Sam's and walked around and then we met Marie at Chick Fil A! Tyler got to play on the playground and I got to enjoy some time talking with a friend. After lunch I had planned to take the boys to another pumpkin patch but they were both super tired and I needed to check into our hotel. So we drove to the hotel and both of the boys feel asleep. When I arrived I got Tyler in the stroller still asleep and put Walker in it as well. I loaded all our things onto the double stroller and headed into the hotel. I picked the Sheraton and I really enjoyed my stay. Our room was very large! I loaded all of our items off of the stroller and the Tyler started stirring and wanted me to walk. So we headed downstairs and walked next door to Target.I got to shop Super Target with two sleeping babies!!! It was so fun!!! After Target I walked back to the hotel and Tyler woke up when we got back upstairs. He was hungry but I did not want to go anywhere so room service it was!!! I fed Walker while we waited on our food and then Tyler and I had dinner and then it was bath and bed for all 3 of us. Walker went down pretty easy and Tyler would stay in his bed but took him a little while to fall asleep.
Saturday morning the plan was to wake up and go to the Adventure Science Center but the boys and I both slept in. Walker actually slept later than Tyler and I!!! I turned on the TV to PBS and Thomas the Train was on and Tyler was so excited! It had the cutest song on it and Tyler was dancing and shaking it! I even videoed  it because it was so cute! Since we lounged around the hotel most of the morning the Science center was out. We went to the Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin. We had lunch at the Food Court and Tyler got his favorite, Chick Fil A. After Lunch we got in a corner and were able to skype with Jon. It was nice to see his face and Tyler was telling him how excited he was to be going to the zoo. Afterwards we shopped some and Tyler got some new shoes! After the mall we went back to hotel for a nap before going to the zoo. Everyone was in a good mood so we took a little photo shoot on our hotel bed! We got some very cute photos and I love them!!! The only thing that would make them better was if Jon's head was in them as well. Tyler wanted to take a nap in the floor and Walker took his in his bouncy seat while I read a magazine! Bliss!!! I got the boys up and we headed to Cracker Barrel to meet friends. We had a nice dinner together and then we all headed to the Nashville Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo". Tyler has been so excited about this for a long time! We all had a wonderful time! We went along the Trick or Treat trail and Tyler had so much fun saying "Trick or Treat". We then went to a scientist lab and a little show. We then headed over to do the carousel but Tyler was freaking out and his friends did not want to ride it either. They all wanted to ride the tractor ride so we waited in line to ride the hayride. It was a fun ride. After that we did a few more things then we headed to the car. After getting back to the hotel Walker was screaming because he was hungry so I told Tyler to let me feed Walker a little then I would put his PJ's on but he didn't make it. I looked over and he was fast asleep. After Walker's bottle so was he! With both boys asleep I fixed a cup of hot tea and took a long hot bath. 
Sunday morning when I woke up Tyler was looking at me and said "Hey Momma" and I started dying laughing. The boys let me sleep in till 9:15. It was blissful! Tyler was laying in his bed playing on his leap pad and Walker was still asleep on his bed beside me. I got up and changed Tyler and then I started packing us up and getting ready to go. I loaded us all up and we hit the road. I asked Tyler where he wanted breakfast and he wanted Cracker Barrel but when we got up to the exit Tyler was fast asleep in the car so I drove on back to Clarksville. When I got there we got Lunch and then we headed home where Tyler went to his room and napped some more and Walker had his lunch and napped as well. And Yes this time I benefited from these two naps and took one myself! Much needed weekend full of fun!!!!

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