Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Pinterest Projects

I am in love with Pinterest and have been for some time now. I love pinning but I have been really trying to accomplish things that I pin. I would have a lot more done if I had my helper home and not in Afghanistan. Boo! I decided that I would do a post that has some of the projects in it that I have accomplished. This may end up becoming a series of post of different things I have tried. I hope you enjoy and have fun pinning!!! :)

1. Copper Jack O' Lantern Make-Over
-This was fun! The paint does spray all over your hands when you are spraying it but it dries super fast! It looks fantastic on my porch also!

2. Witches Broomsticks
-I made these for a coffee that I had at my house this week and they looked so cute! They are a little time consuming because of taking off all those wrappers but they look cute sitting out.

3. Peanut Butter Cookie Pizza
-This was made for the coffee that I had at my house and I posted the recipe two weeks ago here. It tasted very good but I would definitely spray really well on the pan because mine stuck to the bottom really bad.

4. Halloween Ring Toss
-Witches hats stuffed with newspaper for a game of ring toss. I thought this was so cute so it is what we are doing as a game for our Fall Festival tonight.

5. Halloween Costume
-I attempted to make this. I have 250 yards of Tulle and it is not close to this full. I wore it for our coffee the other night and it is large and hard to move in. Think like a wedding dress that is full. Mine also was too long in some places and when I stepped I was slipping and sliding. It was fun to wear and I will probably wear it on Halloween night as well! IT TAKES FOREVER to tie all that tulle on!

Source: via Christina on Pinterest

6. Apple Cider Punch
-This is the best punch!!!! It was great for a Fall party and I may do it at my parents for Thanksgiving! It was very tasty!

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