Monday, October 29, 2012

The Last Weekend of October

The Last Weekend of October

      Saturday we had a Fall Festival for our Battalion. Many of us had worked countless hours and were hoping for a great turn out! It was a big hit!!! We had a lot of people show up and the children seemed to be having fun. Our company sold Nacho's and Popcorn. I learned I would prefer to never work with a popcorn machine again. It is not the easiest of machines to work or figure out period! The games were fun and thankfully the weather held together so that is was not unbearable. It was a little cold but since the sun made its presence for a few hours it was not bad.

      Tyler and Walker got to wear their adorable costumes! Tyler wanted to be a Alabama football player so I let him and I wanted the kids to match so Walker was his football. The pictures I got Walker had a funny little face because he was hungry and not interested in a photo shoot. HA! Tyler has also decided football players have mean faces so it was hard to get him to smile.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. When we got there Jon called to skype so I stood in the hallway and talked to him. It was nice! Walker was cooing and "talking" up a storm which Jon was happy to hear. Sometimes it hurts my heart when I think of all he is missing in our sweet babies lives. He has never been home with our children when they were babies. He will never get to feed them baby food and just as he did with Tyler he will not be here for most of Walker's first's. Most of our country has no idea the sacrifices soldiers make for this country. I am so thankful that we are able to skype and I can see his Handsome face and that our boys can see him! After church the boys took naps and I rested!

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