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Thursday, November 15, 2012

75 Things about me

 75 Things about me

1. I love the Lord
2. I love my husband
3. I adore my children
4. I do not like change
5. I can be very old school
6. I like traditional with a mix of contemporary
7. I love to dance
8. I hate to run
9. I do not know how to ride a bicycle.
10. I love to travel
11. Weekend trips away can sometimes be my favorite!
12. I actually like to go fishing with my husband and boys.
13. I am learning to be a "boy" mom!
14. I hate to put away clean clothes.
15. I want to be very organized but it does not always happen that way!
16. I write my soldier a letter everyday!
17. I hate that he gets them all in one day and not spread out!
18. I love to cook!
19. I hate to do dishes!
20. I love to buy shoes!
21. I never wear heels anymore they hurt my feet to think about them.
22. Cheap shoes never fit my feet right.
23. I love purses/bags! I would own a entire closet full if I could.
24. I love monogrammed EVERYTHING!
25. I love when my children are in matching outfits!
26. Why can boys clothing not be as cute a girl's clothing?
27. I have no desire to have any more children but the desire to buy those adorable girly outfits and hair bow's has not went away!
28. My husband can make me laugh better than anyone in this world. \
29. Tyler is a close second.
30. I love to sew.
31. I own more kitchen gadgets and gizmo's than I will ever need and I LOVE IT!
32. I love leggings!
33. I love that I get to move around the world every couple of years!
34. I love to snuggle.
35. I like to sleep in socks!
36. I hate to sleep in pants.
37. Losing the baby belly this time is really hard. I have lost way under pre-pregnancy pounds but not the bump.
38. Both my children look almost identical at the same ages.
39. How did both of them end up looking like their daddy?
40. My favorite place is anywhere that my husband and two boys are!
41. I LOVE college football!
42. I dislike NFL football!
43. I LOVE Major League Baseball! Go Braves!
44. Basketball is my least favorite sport.
45. I do not miss high school but I do miss Friday night football season!
46. Cheese is one of my favorite foods.
47. I really enjoy making homemade baby food.
48. I could not function without my Iphone.
49. I love DVR and that I do not have to watch commercials!
50. I miss Fort Bragg and I think I will always miss it!
51. I LOVE to sing but can not carry a tune!
52. I actually like car rides but would much rather fly!
53. I would love to travel and see the whole world with my 3 guys!
54. I would love to live at the beach!
55. The beach is my favorite vacation spot!
56. Pensacola Beach and Gatlinburg, TN will always hold special memories to me!
57. I LOVE to go to Disney!
58. I love Summer!
59. I despise cold weather!
60. I am not a fan of sweaters even though I wear them.
61. I want some Hunter rain boots!
62. I like all things sparkly!
63. I love to decorate for Christmas!
64. I would have a million Christmas Trees if I had room!
65. I like themed Christmas Trees!\
66. Next year we will have a children's tree that the boys can decorate how ever they want!
67. I always want to live near water.
68. I prefer one story homes over two story homes.
69. I LOVE both of our BOB strollers.
70. I LOVE to go to Opryland! It is like going to a theme park!
71. Coffee is only okay to me.
72. Hot chocolate chip cookies are the best!
73. I am very proud to be a Army wife
74. I love my Army family.
75. I love that my husband is my HERO!

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