Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgving

Happy Thanksgiving

         Thanksgiving this year is very different for us this year. I have done two Thanksgivings without Jon so far. One with no children and the other I only had Tyler but I hate he is missing Thanksgiving with both boys.

          I am so Thankful that God blessed with me with such an amazing husband and our boys with a wonderful father. I am also thankful for the person he is and all that he is sacrificing! All of our deployed soldiers are sacrificing so much for our freedom and for our country.

          I am thankful that I am able to hug my boys tomorrow and tell them that mommy and daddy love them. They are precious angels sent from God and I will never take them for granted.  They are both truly miracles! Between infertility treatments and NICU stays I will never take a moment with them for granted. Tyler's bubbly personality and Walker's precious smile can make the worst day better.

          I am thankful for Jesus Christ and his love for me. Without him I would be nothing.

          I am thankful for having a loving family that I can come home to and spend Thanksgiving with. I am heartbroken that my Nana is not able to be with us this year since she is in rehab but we are taking her a plate and going to spend a little time with her for the holiday. She is sweet, Godly women and she is struggling!

          I am thankful for getting to spend time and see Jon's family, well most of them. It is nice to be able to have a second family that love you and treat you like your own. We all live spread out all over the country but it is nice to come together and catch up around the holidays. It was also great that we were all able to Skype with Jon together yesterday.

          I am thankful for technology! This deployment would be so different without Skype. It may have a fuzzy picture sometimes, freeze up, and the sound break up but having done two without Skype I am super thankful for it. I can see his face, his loving smile and blow him kisses. It is amazing to me!!!! Watching Tyler talk to his daddy is one of the most amazing things in this world. He loves his daddy so much and he gets sad sometimes but it is the sweetest thing you have ever seen when he looks at him and says "I Love You, Daddy". My heart truly melts. Walker has started smiling when he sees Daddy and Jon has got to watch him do some tricks on Skype. That helps when he is missing so much!

         I am thankful for my military family. There is no one like them and no one understands truly how we live like other military spouses. Life is different for us and it is amazing to have friends from all over to be there for you and back you up. I have a good support system for when you need a shoulder to cry on. We are all in this together.

Please remember and Pray for all the troops overseas or away from there families for the holidays.

Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving

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