Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Excitement

A Little Excitement

At the end of this week I am meeting Jon's Parents and we are taking the two boys to Opryland for "The Christmassy DreamWorks Experience" and taking in all the beautiful lights at Opryland! I am so excited and so is Tyler! My in-laws have never been to Opryland and they will be in shock! It is so huge and the lights are so pretty!

Thursday, we will check in and have some lunch then have the afternoon to rest and explore! At 4pm we are going to go to Gingy's Gingerbread Decorating. We all have cookies to decorate! It will so fun to watch Tyler making a mess of these cookies! :) That night we will take in some more lights and bedtime!

Friday morning we may do some shopping and then that afternoon we are going to "Ice, Shrek the Halls". Everything is made out of ice and there is a giant slide at the end that Tyler is going to love! I the Ice production is larger this year than years past so I am excited to see what it is about!

"The DreamWorks animated holiday TV special will be brought to life in an interactive world of colorful ice sculptures and incredible 20-foot-tall ice slides carved entirely from TWO-MILLION pounds of ice.  Relive the heartwarming story as you stroll through this amazing attraction featuring your favorite characters: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Gingy and Puss in Boots as they celebrate Christmas in their own special way.  When Shrek tries to plan the “perfect Christmas” for Fiona and the kids, his plans are disrupted by chaos and commotion.  But, in the end, Shrek learns the true meaning of the holiday."

After Ice we will be doing "Holiday Shrektacular" which is a indoor street party with all the characters and it snows!!!! I hope Tyler does not get scared of the characters and with our package we are VIP's and get front row streets! I hope all this works out how it is in my head! So fun!

During the visit we will also have the opportunity to have meet and greets with all the characters and have several family photos taken. We also will do a scavenger hunt the whole time we are there with fun puzzles and clues! Tyler and his Granddaddy will very much enjoy this! We will also enjoy some yummy food!!!

We can not wait!!! We only wish Jon could be here with us to enjoy! :(

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