Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kyle Comfort 5K

3rd Annual Kyle Comfort 5K

Last weekend I participated in my first 5K. I ran/walked with both boys in tow. I pushed the double stroller and I did it! I finished. I had to stop a few times for Walker and not far into to it Tyler started crying to get out. He ran so hard right beside me! I was so proud of him for running 3/4th's of the 5K! That is a lot for a 3 year old. It was a lot for me! HA! I was very proud of myself for finishing and for Tyler but most important I was proud of dear friend Brooke for hosting it. Brooke lost her husband 3 1/2 years ago in Afghanistan. She is the bravest women I know! They had a sweet little girl Kinleigh, who was not even a year old when Kyle got killed. I can not imagine what she goes through everyday! Brooke started a charity group to give back and the big fundraiser is this race. She did a amazing job with it and I was very proud to participate! I can not wait to do it again next year with my soldier in tow!

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