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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walker is 4 Months

Walker is 4 months old!

WOW, how did this happen so quickly? I completely missed month 3, oops!

4 Months

Height: 23 and 3/4 inches long (6th percentile)

Weight: 13 pounds and 15 ounces (24th percentile)

Food: You drink 8 ounces every 3 1/2 to 4 hours of formula and have a bowl of cereal at dinner time. We started foods a little early because you were starving! :) You had Prunes and Apples before you turned 4 months because you were having to drink the juice anyway for other issues you have. When you turned 4 months last week you had Green beans and yesterday you started peas. You love to eat and are very funny to watch. You eat so fast and fuss between when the spoon is hitting your mouth.

Words: You are cooing up at storm and laughing out loud now. You are not old enough for words yet but I just love to hear you coo and make sounds. You coo more than other brother ever did and it is so precious!

Activities: You can roll from tummy to your back and back to your tummy. You also like to take your toes and push your self across the floor. You want to sit up so bad but you are not quite there! :) You have found your hands and your tongue. It is so cute when you stick your tongue out. Your hands now stay in your mouth if you are not sleeping and even now you have started sucking your thumb when you are napping. I am sure you would suck your thumb when you sleep at night if you were not swaddled. You are also starting to reach for toys.

Clothes: You are finally starting to wear 0-3 months but some of your newborn's still fit.

Diapers: You wear a size 1 and probably will for a while.

Shoes: You wear a size 0 and you can still wear some Preemie size socks.

Sleep: You sleep 13 hours most nights. You are ready for bed at 7 and you sleep completely through the night. You are the best sleeper and I love it!

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