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Monday, September 19, 2011

Last week's Fun Times

Okay so last week was not a super fun week! Monday I drove to Nashville for blood work and a ultrasound. Every one of these ultrasounds are getting more and more uncomfortable. Monday afternoon I got a phone call telling me my estrogen was not rising and I had no follicles! I was heartbroken and cried big girl crocodile tears. They changed the amount of medicine and man oh man did it burn.

Tuesday was a crazy day and we stayed gone most of the day. Tuesday night I delayed and delayed getting my shot! (Well not actually because they are suppose to be around the same time every day but it did not want it at all!) It was worst than the night before! I was almost to the point I was not sure I could take this anymore. I am SUPER swollen and can only wear yoga pants or maternity pants from the pains in my stomach area.

Wednesday morning back to Nashville for another blood test and ultrasound. One of my friends and her kids went with us and we did some shopping in Nashville afterwards. The doctor's office called that afternoon to tell me that my estrogen was up and I had some follicles that were starting to look good.

Thursday I had more errands to run. We started off early and I hit up the PX and got Tyler several Christmas gifts to put away. We lucked up and was able to met Jon for lunch! It's so nice to see him every chance we get. After lunch I tried to go to the commissary but they were having a case lot sale and I tried to get a parking spot for 35 minutes gave up and headed to Kroger. I ran to Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, and then Kroger. Kroger made me realize how much groceries had went up. Ughh!

Friday morning I got up and drove to Nashville for a blood test and ultrasound. Tyler went with me and was a HAND full! Thank goodness these nurses eat him up. After my ultrasound I had to wait for the doctor to review it. Good news was I was ready to trigger! I was triggered with Leuprolide and got my schedule for my next medicines and appointments. Afterwards I drove back to Clarksville and met a friend and her two children for lunch and then I had to drop some things off to my husband on post and we took all the kids to the big park on post! They had lots of fun playing together. Jon had a Officers call at 4 and Tyler and I chilled at home. He got done after 6 and on the way home he called to let us know we were meeting friends at Old Chicago's for dinner at 7pm. We got ready and headed over. We had a great night hanging out and playing. We had to wait a hour & half for a table for all of us and Tyler had a good time playing outside while waiting. He started getting whiny during dinner which was longer than I expected. After I finished eating I picked him up and he went to sleep on my shoulder. Every one was amazed! The kid slept through people screaming happy birthday right next to him.

We did not eat at home one night last week because I did not feel good at all any night! So not good for us but it just was what it was.

Saturday morning we woke up loaded up the boat and headed to the river. We spent a few hours out on the water. Tyler enjoyed it so much! He loves fishing and the water. At 2 I had a hair appointment at the Aveda spa to get my hair dyed back to my natural color. Tyler and Jon hung out at the house watching football and taking naps! Jon grilled BBQ chicken for us for dinner and we laid around and watched more football.

Sunday morning we got up, got ready and headed to church. Church was so great! We are loving this new church we had found! Everyone is so kind and friendly! It reminds me so much of Jon's parents church. After church we headed to cracker barrel for some yummy lunch and then back home. We had several projects planned to do but we feel asleep on the couch! Oops! I never take naps but I was so tired! Sunday night we ate leftovers and watched some NFL football. I also started my estrogen shot. I was nervous but it was okay.

Hope you had a great week last week!

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