Monday, September 19, 2011

Tyler's Party

Tyler's Party was Pirate themed! I knew many, many months ago that it was going to be pirate and started with ideas. I used Pinterest to get some fantastic ideas as well! We decided to celebrate his birthday at our house this year and it was so fun!

I made a rag wreath for the front door with Turquoise, Red, and Black fabric. I used a chipboard T and covered it in Pirate scrapbook paper and mod podge and I also did a number 2. Jon helped me attach the T and 2 on to my wire wreath and it was very cute! I hung a banner on the front porch rail and had a cute sign for the yard that said "Beware of the Pirates".

Jon helped me make a "X" marks the spot to tie to the mail box. He cut my wood and screwed them together and then I spray painted it red and used a little twine and tied it to the mailbox. We also added several balloons for the party time as well!

The Party was in the back yard and even though most of the week it had been much cooler Saturday was HOT. It was over 100 degrees but we dealt with it! The party was from 4-6 pm so it was not as bad. Tyler got a swing set for his birthday from Jon and I and my parents. He is so in LOVE with it. Jon helped me run a pirate banner in the trees and attached it to the playhouse. It was also on the deck. It looked so good! We also had balloons that we tied to the the top.

I tried to have some games for the kids to play so I had set up "Walk the Plank". I saw this on Pinterest and several different blogs done a couple of ways and loved the idea. I picked up two black crates at Target for cheap in the back to school supplies and we already had a board so I painted the wording and Jon tied it down and we added Tyler's plastic pool under it.

I found a fun little bean bag game that was Pirate style on Amazon and had to order it! It was cute in the yard. I also ordered several little mini balls that had pirate skulls on them. They were scattered all over the yard.

We used some cash that we knew was being mailed as a gift to Tyler to purchase him a Turtle Sand box. I decided to fill it full of loot buried in the sand so the kids could search for some hidden treasure.

We had tables set up in the middle of the yard for everyone to eat at. I used black table clothes and had cute Pirate maps to put on the top. I also used some pirate confetti and gold coins scattered down the center. We tied a balloon to every chair to mix some of the colors and add something interesting to them. I loved all the balloons all over the yard as did Tyler. We used a red and white striped tablecloth on our patio table if anyone wanted to sit on the deck.

Next Post I will post about the food and Food tables! Hope you have enjoyed!

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